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Testimonials for Daniel Bussius Consulting, Built By Love Agency and Daniel Bussius.  

Below are a few of reviews for Daniel Bussius and his agency, Built by Love.  

We’ve done a variety of projects with Built by Love™, from a website, to advertising, to a catalog, to email automation, and have been beyond impressed with their attention, availability, and quality.

Frank Eaton, CEO/Eaton Chemicals

I loved, loved, loved working with Built by Love Agency! They met all of my marketing needs since starting my business. It was totally worth the investment as my marketing plan felt personalized. Team members were available if I had any follow-up questions. I would definitely work with them again!

Klarissa Castro, CEO/K Mae Jewelry

My business branding was getting stale so, I hired Daniel Bussius and his team at Built by Love to give me a brand refresh, website and marketing campaigns. They did a wonderful job and I began to see immediate results. Our business was on track to have the best year ever until the pandemic hit. We then hired Daniel and his team once more to build another marketing strategy and they built and launched it in record time while adding additional features to help us grow with a new virtual product offering. I have recommended Built by Love to many of my CEO peers and would recommend them to anyone!

Sandy Slade, CEO/Skillastics

Being the CEO of a successful company with over 155 locations across the US, I decided to build a personal website to pursue speaking engagements and consulting opportunities. Daniel and his team helped me build my personal branding website that helped me get more speaking opportunities and land more business. They delivered the project on time and were easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

Omar Soliman, CEO/College Hunks Hauling Junk

Daniel and his team helped me transition my business from being an in-person business to running as an online business to help empower women. Due to the coronavirus, I was unable to run my business how I had before the pandemic. 

Daniel helped me develop a marketing strategy. It was important for me to have a strategy in these uncertain times. After working with Daniel, he gave me clarity in my direction, he was patient and very knowledgeable. He gave me an outline for our meetings so I showed up prepared as did he. He delivered on-time but he also added gut checks to see how I was feeling. He even gave me extra resources and answered all my questions. I now have a roadmap for success! I would definitely recommend Daniel and his team for other business owners.

Latonia Francois, CEO/Let's Write Life

Daniel and his team give a lot of value. We realized we were missing out on leads in our sales process. So, I connected with Daniel and within a few minutes of talking with Daniel, he immediately started giving me value. I know his advice is going to immediately increase my conversion ratio and ultimately my sales.

He could have easily sold me into a big build out of features when, in fact, his advice was that I had everything I needed in front of me. There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there but few with integrity. If you are seeking a digital agency that has the knowledge and integrity, look no further than Daniel his his team at Built By Love.

John Heringer, CEO/Method 3 Fitness

Daniel and his team at Built By Love have implemented amazing marketing strategies for our company. They have provided us with so many amazing ideas and then set up those ideas within our system for us.

Kenneth Lippman, CEO/Another Side Tours

I am a small business owner that is trying to up my game. I needed help and was frustrated. I was recommended to Daniel by someone in a Facebook Group. We immediately started talking and he helped me develop a Perfect Indoctrination Strategy.

Now, I had a "cold list" so Daniel helped me warm that list up and, following his strategy, it started re engaging these people. Fast forward to now and I am getting a 57% open rate. I never had an open rate like that! I had a 18% open rate. Thanks Daniel I appreciate everything!

Jennifer Dixon, CEO/Thrive Yoga and Wellness

One of the things I always had a hard time doing is communicating the value in my business. During Daniel Bussius' presentation, during the One Liner exercise, I am pretty sure I have now nailed it and that it's going to make a difference in my business.

Peter Daly Dickson, CEO/Macanta

We acquired a business that had a marketing automation platform with eCommerce but we had no training on how to use any of it. We knew that we needed to learn the system and expand the system.

Daniel is the complete package. He is not only a whiz at Infusionsoft but he helps you understand all the aspects of your marketing, your brand promise and then he helps develop the strategy and implements it into Infusionsoft.

He even laid out a Customer Ascension Path that enabled us to find some gaps in our business that we can now address. He's not a one and done kind of guy, he's the real deal and someone that I have already recommended to three other businesses.

Sandra Hayworth, CEO/Investment Club of the Rockies

Daniel is here to help us with the many challenges with face within our company,  All the automation, appointment scheduling, leads flow, software and technology in place is really a challenge for us.

He is going to help us set up all the automation enabling our advisors to use the system to help organize all the work, free up our staff from doing things like inbound phone calls and appointment scheduling. He is going to make our system more efficient for us.

Robert Leone, CEO/Accurate Advisory Group

As a small company that is growing rapidly, we found a need to streamline our appointment setting processes, our prospecting events across the state of Florida and throughout the country, to keep track of all those prospects and attendees.

Daniel was able to automate our entire process for our prospecting events to the check-in process, to the follow up, reminder emails and text messages.

We hope Daniel's strategy and processes will help us advance into a more modern age of the technologies that are available to us and become much more efficient.

Duane Mercer, CFO/Accurate Advisory Group

The biggest challenges I faced is technology. I am very good at creating client connections but have difficulty in getting these leads in my ssystems and creating the right nurture campaigns and tags.

It is really challenging to try and keep up with technology and make the technology work for me.

When I began working with Daniel, I wanted to get the technology and campaigns set up and make it easy for leads to get into my system. He created everything I needed, gave me ideas and he is the whole package.

Daniel can take on the full project and see my vision and then tell me what I needed. Doing this project with Daniel has really allowed me to see my future and I am set up for the next year that I don't even have to worry about it anymore. I can now go back and work with my clients rather than worry about me trying to learn all the systems.

Kimberley Borgens, CEO/Be A Legacy

He flawlessly put together some campaigns that are really going to help us grow our small company. 

He was knowledgeable about our company, knew exactly what direction we wanted to take it, he was diligent about listening to our needs and what our concerns were.

He helped us set up and make our subscriptions and memberships flow more flawlessly , he enabled us to see when credit card charges were declined and then market to them. He even created love campaigns to help us engage our customers on really important dates throughout the year.

We would suggest Daniel at any given moment in the future.

Angela Magnuson, CEO/Unity Stamp Company

Daniel is a rock star! He is very good at setting me up for success.

When working with him, I understand why people have such a high regard for him...  

..He is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your success.

He has the knowledge skill and personality and the demeanor to make a tough project seem like it is easy.

Glenda Genio, Marketing Director/Stratagem Trade

Daniel put a plan in place and offered it to me in less than 6 hours after having my first consultation with him. 

Not only did he give me exactly what he said he would within the proposal, he exceeded the proposal and provided me with all types of other goodies.

Right before I launched, he gave me step-by-step instructions on how to launch and make money and I did!

You could not go wrong, in my opinion, to have a conversation with Daniel to see how he can help your business. He is a great asset to any business.

Brandon Scott
CEO/Alliance Logistics

Daniel helped us evolve from a more traditional space into a more digital space.

Daniel was able to help us identify our greatest areas of opportunity, tackle those areas of opportunity and also find others.

We've got strategy strategy in place that I know is going to be highly effective in helping us to grow our business for many years to come.

Mike Padgett

Daniel's expertise and attention to detail is very much appreciated.

Daniel is one of those people that, when you are facing a daunting project, breaks it down very easily and makes it understandable for you.

He makes you feel like you are part of the team and you know that you are going to get things done when working with Daniel. He is a true expert!

Lawrence Borgens
CEO/Delta Protective Services

We were blessed to have Daniel to be our project manager at Accelerator. His knowledge on marketing our product was amazing.

He not only came up with a great marketing plan for us he put it into motion. We were receiving sales from the program he put into place even before our experience with Accelerator was completed.

The online sales continue to funnel in. His knowledge that he put into motion for our farm will take us into a complete different arena. Thanks Daniel!

Pam Dierks
Owner/Dierks Family Farms

I got more done in three days of working with Daniel than I have in the last 8 years of working with other "Marketing Specialists" with thousands of dollars wasted when these people continually fell short on delivering on their promises.

During my first conversation with Daniel, I voiced my frustration to him and he truly listened to what my needs were and not only helped me accomplish the goals that I wanted to achieve, but he truly went over and beyond to exceed my expectations.

I now realize that you really do get what you pay for when you have the opportunity to work with a true professional that is an expert in the field of marketing.

To give an example of the results he was able to achieve for me, he set up a few marketing campaigns and implemented them and the traffic going to my website tripled in Three Days!

I wonder where my business would be now if I had met him 8 years ago. I'm so excited to see where my business will be a year from now with what we have in place going forward. I can't thank him enough!

Willow Liebert
Founder/Desert Willow Botanicals

We have been working with Daniel Bussius for the past year on many different projects. He is very responsive, and very intelligent when it comes to market/sales funnels.

We originally hired Daniel to create an internal workflow for our business, automating many of our "standard" tasks, create reporting and tasks for our team to follow as projects flow through our pipeline. He has listened, and developed a totally customized plan that we currently use today as a company.

Since then we have done several projects together, and Daniel has proven to be professional and efficient through out every project. Highly recommended!

Tim Lyons
Owner/Pulse Fitness

I've been working with Daniel Bussius from In the Mix for some time now.  He has created some very complicated sequences for me in Infusionsoft and has helped me to lead my contacts through buying decisions based on drive theory.

He's smart, efficient, extremely well-educated in Infusionsoft, level-headed, knowledgeable about all forms of online marketing, and an expert problem-solver.

I would recommend him to any business looking to maximize their Infusionsoft account and maximize sales and customer satisfaction in the process.

Julia Hook
Owner/Strategic Juju

We have been very pleased with Daniel's services. He is extremely knowledgeable about Infusionsoft and how to implement it for various business situations.

Not only does he have deep knowledge of the software, he has experience working with various customers in different industries and understands their specific business needs. Daniel is a good listener, is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

We highly recommend that you reach out to Daniel for your Infusionsoft related projects. We believe that you will be pleased like us! California Counsel Group, Inc.

Karly Deer
Legal Counsel/California Counsel Group

I am in the Real Estate business, and time is the essence for me. I went with the Infusionsoft thinking that it will help me to get organized and generate leads “while I am sleeping”.

I have to be honest, folks, I have put lots of time and money trying to get my Infusionsoft running with the kickstart, infusion trainers, and others who told me I would have my infusion set up in 1-2-3... Not only I lost time, I also got so discouraged that I almost wanted to discontinue Infusionsoft...but fortunately, I met Daniel who brought hope and the direction.

Here are the highlights of my work with Daniel:

1.I was too spread out with the marketing and nothing was connected and had no direction to generate leads. Daniel was like a doctor, came in and fixed EVERYTHING in no time! Infusionsoft was finally linked with the Facebook that is already generating leads and brining new clients to me!

2.Daniel has built incredible campaigns for me, that are complex and I would never able to do it on my own. He has provided valuable consultation, great tips and even created more campaigns that weren’t included in my quote for free! Daniel knows Infusionsoft very well, and the effort and expertise he put into new campaign creation felt like he gave it all without being asked to do so! He took this task very serious and if you looks at my campaigns you can tell that Daniel is a specialist and has a great strategic thinking skills!

3.Daniel has connected the dots for me with the Facebook Ad manager, and directing me to the right place with in regards to the website building, that in the end I have one place that all leads come together, and it’s infusion soft! Daniel explained all ins and outs of how to make my campaigns and ads more effective.

4.Daniel is very quick and organized. He does not wait or procrastinate to deliver the product. He also takes an extra mile to help customer learn and ask questions, he is patient and understanding. We all have a different styles when we work together, and I felt like Daniel and I got alone well, we figured a good way to communicate, follow up to make sure we are on the same page.

Daniel is on top of emails and appointments!

5.Additionally, Daniel has it all figured out when it comes to organizing his consultation sessions. Regardless of the distance (I live in MD and Daniel is in CA), Daniel has made the experience to interact online, using a screen share and various online tools, appointment schedule, and automatic reminders easy to use.

6.After this experience, I definitely know whom to turn to when it comes to campaign builder. I am planning to work more with Daniel in future. I trust his expertise, and the ability to deliver!

Jacob Schans

Daniel was an amazing Infusionsoft coach. I was really stuck on The Referral Program and the Ecommerce set up and was feeling very insecure about my bumpy start on the road to Infusionsoft success. 

Daniel really listened to my goals and concerns and was able to explain it in a way that was easy to understand. He is experienced and knowledgeable. We shared screens and he showed me step by step how to set up the referral center.

I was very happy with the result and feel much more confident in moving forward with my campaigns and that I will achieve success in automating my Infusionsoft.

Lori Peters
Small Business Owner

Dan has helped a lot in the set up of IS for us and he really does know his stuff! He is definitely the go-to-man!

Jamie Clark
CEO/Click Business Solutions

If you have no experience with VA's yet, Dan is a great way to start! Dan offers THREE keys to satisfaction right out of the gate!

1 - I was impressed by Dan's PROFESSIONALISM by the end of the first meeting. He was able to make me feel very comfortable with his depth of knowledge.

2 - After our first meeting I was impressed with Dan's ABILITY TO EXECUTE. He showed up to our next meeting with exactly what he promised, and added to it as we met.

3 - Dan was able to make me feel very comfortable by CUSTOMIZING the innovative changes he recommended for the project we were working on.

In the end I was confident in the VALUE Dan was giving me. I can only imagine how much time Dan saved me by allowing me to tap into his broad base of knowledge that he customized for my needs.

His professional encouragement, has had a profoundly positive impact on the direction of my business.

Have a chat with Dan and see how he can help you.

Tony Morrow
CEO/The Average Father                 

Daniel is an excellent Infusionsoft Professional! He not only delivered what we agreed on in a FRACTION of the time we agreed on; but he also went FAR FAR BEYOND that and designed several other campaigns for me!

I am so grateful to have found Daniel and I highly, highly recommend you work with him! He will give you a peace of mind, and leave a "...and this is done!" smile on your face 🙂

Thank you Daniel, you are a rock star!!! :))

Shiny Burcu
CEO/Be-Live in U

Daniel has helped out tremendously with both strategy and implementation of our very 'complicated' membership and registration processes. He was able to simplify our work in infusionsoft and utilized several add ons to streamline a lot of our business.

We had employed a consultant before Daniel that 'mucked' up and over complicated almost everything we did, and Daniel was able to fix and re-strategize to make things run smoothly.

Only regret is not getting Daniel on board from the start! Thanks Daniel!

Nick Baur
CEO/Southside Investment Club

Daniel is a valued member of our team. Sharp, fast. Has the unique ability to see the big picture AND get into the details to make it all happen.

Highly recommend.

Kristin Ferry
Partner/Mindset Mechanics

Daniel is a real pro! He goes above and beyond and has helped us improve our marketing sequences in a very short time. This is a short review because I'm too busy getting value and following up on the business opportunities we are creating due to Daniel's input. Great resource!

Michael Madera
Small Business Owner

Daniel integrates marketing campaigns on our website, capturing the leads into Infusionsoft with aplomb.

He's also courteous,responsive & inventive.

Certified Financial Planner                 

Daniel has been instrumental in streamlining and automating my marketing to increase sales and save me valuable time.

John Maguire
CEO/The Kinesiology Institute

Daniel guided us in the selection process of our CRM and then custom built our entire system including staff on-site training.

He’s an invaluable asset to us.

Clint Griggs
CEO/Lounge Appeal

Daniel’s ability to read between the lines of your current marketing operations and produce a highly refined, well thought marketing

Kenneth Lippman
CEO/Another Side Tours

Daniel was great, got our project done early and even went the extra mile for us. We will definitely enlist his services again!

Daniel Washnuk
CEO/Competitive Thread

His understanding of the dynamics between customer and seller/provider, across a multitude of industries gives him a broad view of even the most complex project goals.

Dae Bogan
Partner/Tune Registry

Daniel is a straightforward, reliable and loyal partner who understands and appreciates budgeting constraints and seeks to maximize investment at every opportunity.

Marco Cadez 

10 out of 10! Daniel is very knowledgeable!

Brian Haig 
Author & Professional Advisor
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