Getting To The Inbox: The Deliverability Saga - Daniel Bussius

Getting To The Inbox: The Deliverability Saga

By Daniel Bussius | Biz Power Hour Podcast

Jun 19
Getting To The Inbox

Trying to develop your best ideas into messaging that resonates with prospects is one challenge — ensuring that message is delivered to their inboxes is a whole other beast.  In this episode, we’ll be talking with two masters of email from Keap (The preferred email marketing and sales platform of small businesses): Aaron Barrett, Head of Email Deliverability, and Rich Sharpe, Email Reliability Product Manager.  

Get ready for an enlightening discussion where we’ll pinpoint and uncover the challenges, triggers, and solutions to ensure your message makes into the inbox and beyond.

Aaron Barrett

Rich Sharpe

Learn More About Our Expert Guest and Where to Find Him:

  • Aaron Barrett (Head of Email Deliverability) has been at Keap/Infusionsoft for 10 years. In that time he has served in a wide range of positions in the Product Development organization including stints leading Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, and Production Operations. He is currently the Director of Email Reliability and leads a team of Email Specialists and Software Engineers. The current mission of the Email Reliability team is to build out the email features in the Keap and Infusionsoft products so that the products themselves are automatically helping users follow email best practices and be as effective as possible with their email marketing.
  • Rich Sharpe (Email Reliability Product Manager) has over 20 years’ experience in the Software Industry with a proven track record of delivering projects and services to customers and educating others in technologies and products.
    An Agile advocate, Rich promotes Scrum Practices and Lean Principles whenever possible and has spoken at conferences around the world on Managing Development Teams and Development Practices.
    Currently at Keap, Rich is part of the Email Deliverability Team focusing on adding value to the Keap suite of applications so customers gain greater satisfaction in getting their email to their customers.
    Originally from England, he now lives in Arizona finally enjoying some sun

Make sure "What You Are Sending, Is That The Recipient Is Expecting"

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Daniel is the CEO for the award-winning full-service digital agency, Built By Love. He is also an award-winning Marketing Consultant that has been flown around the world to consult for and train CEO’s and marketing agency owners. He is one of the top Infusionsoft/Keap Certified Partners in the world. Daniel holds a number of acclaimed marketing certifications, including being the world’s only StoryBrand Certified Agency and Infusionsoft/Keap Certified Partner. He is a member of the Infusionsoft/Keap Partner Advisory Group as well as a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, PandaDocs Gold Partner, Memberium Partner and PlusThis Certified Partner. Daniel’s agency, Built By Love, offers full-service digital marketing, strategy, creative, and execution. You can learn more at: Built By Love (full-service agency): Daniel Bussius Consulting (strategic consulting): In The Mix Agency (live events):

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