How Building Brand Authenticity Can Turn Your Business Around

Daniel Bussius

April 2, 2022

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We live in an age that gave birth to fake news and cancel culture. A time where people are wising up, rising up, and exposing inauthenticity wherever it hides.

We’ve seen society turn its backs on once beloved celebrities, personalities, and entire media organizations. And we’re starting to realize that you can’t always trust what you hear – or even what you see.

Our fascination with social media isn’t easing our skepticism either.

With 6 billion people now using smart phones, everyone has the opportunity to become a content creator.

Kids today want to be influencers, not movie stars. Spending free time learning about social media marketing and putting out content at a blazing pace.

Image of people on social media symbolizing the importance of brand authenticity.

Because of this new obsession with wanting to be “online famous,” it’s no longer about creating valuable, authentic content. It’s a game of who can get the most views and likes to gain the most notoriety and make the most money.

It’s about hard data and user engagement.

When it comes to the news we read, ads we see, and content we consume online, we’ve become more skeptical than ever. And so, it comes as no surprise that consumer trust in brands has hit a new low.

A solid sales pitch is no longer enough.

Building trust, connection, and authenticity is now the name of the game.

Being You Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Early adopters of this more authentic approach to marketing are benefitting massively in both sales and consumer loyalty.

Brands like Aerie, an intimate apparel and lifestyle company, have taken this approach. Among other changes, they began using real women in their ads and have seen 28 consecutive quarters of double-digit sales growth.

Image of a young woman symbolizing the importance of brand authenticity.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret, a company widely known for only using super models in their advertising, recently announced they would be closing down a quarter of their stores. 

The people have spoken. Brand authenticity is what they crave.

What It Takes To Achieve Brand Authenticity

Now more than ever, we must create authentic experiences people love. This is the customer experience that will ensure your business thrives in today’s authenticity-starved world.

The good news is it doesn’t require a shift in your marketing budget – just your approach. More specifically, how you communicate and interact with customers.

It’s all about engaging, giving value, and getting people to love interacting with you. You must create tribal alignment to build brand trust, rapport, and loyalty. Once you’re able to do this, your customers will stand by you for as long as you serve them well.

If you’re unsure how to go about changing your marketing strategy, the Marketing RAMP® can help.

marketing ramp blueprint for success

It is comprised of 7 critical pillars of marketing that ensure your interactions with customers are more authentic, worthwhile, and help establish a deeper connection.

Try the Marketing RAMP®:

Click here to register for the Marketing RAMP Software for free; or, click here to learn all about it before you register! 

Make It A Mission To “Get” Your Customers

One key pillar of the Marketing RAMP® is Identifying Your Ideal Customer.

The Marketing RAMP® asks the right questions to build out your customer avatars. Questions that help identify major pain points, common objections, and so forth.

A mistake even large companies make is not focusing enough on the customer. Instead, opting to talk about their story, how great they are, and how much better they are than competitors.

This isn’t what your customers want to hear – especially these days.

By putting your ego aside and focusing on the real hero of the story, the customer, they can feel like you’re genuinely trying to help solve their problem.

By slipping inside the mind of your customers and letting your insights drive your copy, design, and overall marketing decisions, you can be the kind of business that always says the right things.

Develop Your Authentic Brand Voice

Another critical factor to creating brand authenticity is developing a Brand Voice. Which is also one of the 7 pillars within the Marketing RAMP®.

By having a clear brand voice that is in complete alignment with the rest of your brand marketing, you’ll have a much easier time building brand trust.

Think about it. Someone who is consistent in their persona and actions is far more trustworthy than someone who isn’t.

You need to answer important questions such as whether your brand voice is more formal or casual, matter of fact or enthusiastic, which specific words to use and not use, etc.

Deliver Value At All Times

A clear brand voice and a deep understanding of your customers isn’t always enough to completely win people over.

Which is why providing consistent value or, Infusing Points Of Delight as we refer to it in the Marketing RAMP®, will amplify your new authentic brand approach.

Generally, those who are selfless and give to others are more likely to be viewed as authentic or real. It takes conviction and a good heart to give without asking for anything in return.

This is why it’s important as a business to delight even non-customers.

This free value can be anything from a video, helpful eBook, special discount – whatever you can dream up that helps people get closer to their goals.

Try The Marketing RAMP® Software For Free

There are 4 additional pillars within the Marketing RAMP® that will help you communicate more authentically.

If you’d like to learn more about the Marketing RAMP® and experience it for yourself, you can sign up and get free access to the Marketing RAMP® online software by clicking the button below. 

Try the Marketing RAMP®:

Click here to register for the Marketing RAMP Software for free; or, click here to learn all about it before you register! 

If you’d like to work with a team that can help you develop a marketing strategy that brings everything we’ve just discussed into reality for your own brand, schedule a consultation today:

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