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Daniel Bussius

September 18, 2016

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The importance of having a proper standard operating procedure (or protocol) for your Infusionsoft CRM is crucial for the success of your company. Developing and maintaining a systemized process ensures that you can scale your business.

Infusionsoft Campaign Categorization-strategy

Implementing a standard system that uses a global naming convention and syntax enables you to easily track campaigns and tags in your system.

You’ll also be able to hire and train employees ensuring the same protocols are used so others can locate and report on metrics company-wide. Lastly, you will be able to see visually how all of your campaigns are connected to one other.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in Infusionsoft since 2009 and have tried and seen a vast array of strategies for keeping everything within the system organized. I personally never saw anything that could easily apply to any Infusionsoft system and type of user.

Being an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Infusionsoft Partner Advisory Group Member and having my agency as a certified new customer training agency, I know there is a simple way for anyone at any level of expertise with Infusionsoft to master the basics.

That is why I designed this system. I believe that the protocol created herein will provide you with the clarity and global strategy to have a streamlined system.

You do not need expensive training or any special knowledge to use this free system I created

I designed it so that the campaigns are categorized, the tags make sense, and the system can easily be followed and replicated no matter who is in your system building campaigns, running reports or managing your sales and customer support.

Infusionsoft is a powerhouse of a marketing tool and an entrepreneur's best friend, however this beast can run wild if you don't tame it before it grows too big.

What am I talking about?  

I'm talking about having a structured method to name your tags and system-wide tag categories.

If this sounds like technical mumbo jumbo to you , trust me, I promise I'll have you dialed in and an expert by the end of this blog.

Let's start here

In tech talk, the word "syntax" means the order in which something is placed.  

Infusionsoft Campaign Categorization-dog

For example:

The dog bit the boy.

That makes sense to us. We can all understand what happened here due to the word syntax. Or in other words, the placement of the words translates to something we can understand.  

Now, what if we changed the syntax of the words?  Would changing the placement of each word in the syntax change a meaning for us?  Take a look.

Infusionsoft Campaign Categorization-

For example:

The boy bit the dog.

See how having the syntax of words misplaced can have a totally different meaning?  

Now, let's briefly cover the importance of having a naming convention. A naming convention is a protocol that tells us how we are to name things.  It is our guideline so that we can easily communicate complex subject matter from one person to the other.

Here is a quick example of a naming convention:

[functional purpose] + [type of transportation]

  • Fishing boat
  • Sail boat
  • Luxury boat
  • Row boat

Without the use of having a naming convention, we would have no idea what type of boat we had.  

Infusionsoft Campaign Categorization-category naming

Now that you understand the importance of word syntax and the use of a naming convention, let's get in to how this is vital to understanding how you will organize your Infusionsoft system.

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Tag Categories and Tag Naming Conventions

Tag Categories follow a universal protocol.

Tag Categories cover a much wider and broader area of things that we need to track, automate and report on.  The categories will house the tags that fall under the specific Tag Categories so that we can easily identify and locate tags anywhere in our system.

Furthermore, by using this strategy we will avoid having duplicate tags that serve the same function as well as wondering what tag was created to handle a specific action inside a campaign.

Let's take a look at what the Tag Categories are:

Tag Category Name


Customer-Client Stage:

Pipeline and opportunity stages. 


Used for tracking email engagement, list opt-out and deliverability.


Start and stop functional campaign actions, send/push to another place within a campaign or sequence.

Lead Source:

Tag tracking for how a contact enters a specific lead magnet, blog post, ad campaign or location within a website.


Granting and restricting permissions for courses, products and trials.


Tag tracking of product purchases, refunds, CC declines, gratis (free) products, structured discounts and payment plans.


Used for activity tracking and profile segmentation including but not limited to: clicked a link/button, responded to a question or survey, registered for a webinar or event, missed webinar or event, and is actively moving through a campaign sequence.


Used to categorize old campaigns that are not in use but should be categorically segmented to the bottom of the campaign list order.

I designed the tag categories to have a unique first letter purposefully so your tags will automatically sort itself by alphabetical order when you click on "Name".

Let's take a look at a few examples of each of the suggested Tag Categories using the naming and description syntax:

Customer-Client Tag Category Examples

Customer-Client stage tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

Engagement Tag Category Examples

engagement tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

Functional Tag Category Examples

functional tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

Lead Source Tag Category Examples

lead source tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

Purchase History Tag Category Examples

purchase history tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

Tracking-Profile Tag Category Examples

Tracking-Profile tags example - daniel bussius, infusionsoft

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Now that you've seen some examples within each Tag Category, let's look further into the actual tag structure and how you should name your tags.

Customer-Client Tag Syntax Examples

customer-client tag syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Engagement Tag Syntax Examples

Engagement Tag Syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Functional Tag Syntax Examples

Functional Tag Syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Lead Source Tag Syntax Examples

Lead Source Tag Syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Purchase History Tag Syntax Examples

Purchase History tag syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

Tracking-Profile Tag Syntax Examples

Tracking Profile Tag Syntax- Infusionsoft - Daniel Bussius

(Click on image to enlarge picture)

This categorization and order empowers us to clearly create tags and descriptions that can be easily followed as your business and team grows and scales.

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You're Now Starting With Scalable Success

You should now be fully armed with the knowledge and know-how to set your Infusionsoft system up for total success and scalability.  Implementing this protocol will empower you to be able to easily communicate with and train staff members in your system.

You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of anyone who understands Infusionsoft to hop in to your application and immediately understand what you have done and where things are placed.  This will save you countless hours if you ever need to call in to support or hire a professional Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Infusionsoft Campaign Categorization-

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He is a member of the Infusionsoft/Keap Partner Advisory Group as well as a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, PandaDocs Gold Partner, Memberium Partner and PlusThis Certified Partner. Daniel’s agency, Built By Love, offers full-service digital marketing, strategy, creative, and execution.

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