The Must-Have List Of Tools For Any Business Owner

Daniel Bussius

December 18, 2016

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At least once a week I am asked by someone attending one of my trainings or by a client during a conference call on what tools I use in my business.

Happily, I provide details to them, explain how it helps me in my business and then shoot them over the link for the resource.

Then, I got to thinking, "why not just create a blog post that lists everything I use in my business that helps me get things done quicker?"

This is that blog post!

I'm going to provide you with everything I am currently using, why and how I use it as well as provide you with the links to get it yourself.

The one thing I want explain about my technology stack and why I have what I have is this:

The one thing I want explain about my technology stack and
why I have what I have is:
I have designed my business and technology stack so that I can work anywhere in the world. I am not bound by any barriers as long as I have a computer and Internet. Additionally, my business is bullet-proof from failed hard drives​ and viruses with redundancy in the cloud across multiple platforms.
daniel bussius-work in cabo

My view from the balcony of my suite in Mexico while working in Infusionsoft.

Some of these tools listed in this blog are free, others are not.

Everything I use and/or advise my clients on is in here. I'll do my best to update this every once in awhile to keep it fresh and current.

Below is a shortcut menu for you to easily jump to the section you wish to view.​
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  • Conference & Telephony
  • Browser Add-On's
  • Financial
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Website & Landing Pages
  • Audio/Visual
  • Consulting


The following technology solutions are covered:

QuickBooks Online

Tick Time Tracking​

Personal Capital


Let's start with the absolute simplest tool to start with that's free...


tools the pros use-lastpass


LastPass is a password management software that enables you to house all your log-in details such as your user names and passwords. It also allows you to organize your passwords in folders so you can easily keep all of your passwords and sites organized by category or client.

LastPass empowers you to share your password with colleagues, freelancers and teammates without ever having to actually provide them with the log-in details. When you visit the site, LastPass will automatically populate the log-in details for you so you’ll never be frustrated with trying to remember your passwords again.

Should you wish to use additional features they offer, you can set up team shared folders, have them create encrypted passwords for you and you can even store credit card payment details so that it can auto populate for you at check out. The paid version comes with a mobile app so no matter where you are, you have your entire world of passwords, URL's and payment details with you always.

​Here's why I love LastPass:

It's free, it organizes all of my passwords and my client passwords. It auto-fills all my passwords and payment details for me anywhere I go online. It prevents me from having to share actual password details with staff and contractors and gives me one click control to pull back shares as well. It forever eliminates you clicking the dreaded "Forget Password" button ever again. Need I say more?

​Here's how to get LastPass:

They offer a fully robust free version which you can download using this link.

tools the pros use-google drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud based storage service that allows users to digitally store and share files online. The idea behind Google Drive is that you can store your files online where you can access them at any time, and can be used on multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet, laptops, etc. on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS platforms. Besides online storage, it also gives you the ability to share your files and allow others to collaborate on projects over the Web. Instead of having to email large attachments, all it takes is for you to send a link of your file over to others.

Additionally, Google Drive comes with their own applications for you to create your documents online such as Google Docs (Word), Google Sheets (Excel), Google Slides (Powerpoint), and more.

I use Google Drive for three main things:

  1. I house all my staff files on here so my entire team works from and in Google Drive.
  2. I use it as a back up for my MacBook Pro's hard drive and Google's iPhone apps make access to those files seamless anywhere in the world.
  3. I store Client projects and files in there enabling me to grant access to certain folders for them which makes the transfer of assets, documents and spreadsheets simple and painless.​

Here's how to get GoogleDrive:

Google Drive will automatically link to your Google account if you have one, if not, you'll need to get a free account. Either way, click here and you can grab yours. 

tools the pros use-icloud


iCloud is Apple’s online storage device, that keeps all your data and allows them to access them from any Apple device you own. It’s not a file sharing device, but instead backs up information on your device and allows it to sync to other Apple devices. The convenience behind iCloud is that it allows you to sync information that you made on other Apple devices such as purchase history, device settings, etc. and allows you to conveniently sync it to another device.

Here's how I use this and why I also use Google Drive.

Say a client calls me and it's after hours and I'm not in the office.  I can access my entire computer hard drive and contact list from my iPhone as well as my iPad. Additionally, everything is backed up so when I upgrade my MacBook Pro to a new edition, all my files and contacts instantly transfer over to the new computer. I never lose anything and I kinda like not losing important files. 😉

Here's how to get iCloud:

You can sign up for the free version here but I have the 100GB paid version. It's only $2.99/month so you can easily add it to your tech stack without breaking your budget.

tools the pros use-adobe creative cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Cloud is a software service that gives users access to Adobe’s collection of software, which are used for a variety of purposes such as graphic design, video editing, etc. Using Adobe Cloud involves subscribing to a monthly or annual subscription to use their services. It comes in different packages depending on what you want but includes popular programs such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

If you are like me, then you know how important tools like Photoshop are to your business. All my ads, PowerPoint presentations, landing pages and websites require the use of Photoshop. The program is fairly big in size so the cloud based app makes the suite of tools, instant updates and cloud storage a very nice feature.

Here's how to get Adobe Creative Cloud:

To learn more about Adobe Cloud you can use this link.

tools the pros use-office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is another cloud based software aimed towards corporate users that provides productivity applications through the web. It includes a suite of Office Web apps, which are web based versions of traditional Microsoft office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc. Here's why I like this, I have Office with me everywhere I go. Since it's cloud based it provides me with access and tools anywhere I am as long as I have access to the Internet.

Microsoft Office 365 is also subscription based, and has different plans based on what your business needs.

Here's how to get Microsoft Office 365:

To find Microsoft Office 365 you can follow this link.

tools the pros use-text edit


TextEdit is Apple's version of a simple text editor that comes free with your operating system (If you are a PC person then your version would be called Note Pad). 

I actually thought about making this my first mention of a tool in this blog post as it is one of the most used tools I have in my arsenal. I literally use this everyday and would be lost without it. 

Here's what it does: it strips the code from text into plain text. This is critical if you work in digital marketing and need to take copy from a document or website to use in anything digital - email, website, landing page, etc.

Here's how to get TextEdit:

It's already installed in your OS! Just search for "TextEdit" and you'll see it! 

tools the pros use-schedule-once


ScheduleOnce is a program meant to help its users schedule with other customers through every phase of a customer’s lifecycle including lead generation, lead qualification, customer onboarding, etc. It comes with other major calendar platforms and integrates with other online channels to increase conversion and engagement.

Here's how to get ScheduleOnce:

If you would like to learn more about ScheduleOnce you can click here.

tools the pros use-Grammarly


You're here reading my blog post so that means you might have seen a grammar error. I write my own blog posts (with the help of research I request from my Digital Marketing Coordinator , Eugene). As much as I'd love to catch all the grammar errors, type-o's and misspelled words it just doesn't happen.

That's where Grammarly comes into play for your's truly.

Grammarly at its core is like your basic spell checker but is more effective than Microsoft Word by being able to detect more errors that Word typically cannot find. In addition, it checks for nearly all the grammar rules you could think of and more. It also allows you to find different words based on the context of your sentences to enhance your writing.

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension so as long as you have chrome you can install the extension to your browser, and it works everywhere on the web. Grammarly comes with a free version, but if you want the other features like a plagiarism checker, or the vocabulary enhancement tool, then you would have to purchase a subscription with Grammarly. I highly suggest you invest in the paid version. It's very affordable and worth every dollar if you write alot like I do.

Here's how to get Grammarly:

To download Grammarly, or learn more about it click here.

Conference & Telephony

tools the pros use-skype


Skype is a program from Microsoft that allows users to message each other as well as make telephone or video calls, share screens and share files. You can also run conference calls with Skype.

It is available on nearly all platforms, and is free unless you need to call a mobile or landline number.

I love Skype for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's free and nearly everyone has a free Skype account.
  2. You can run a free conference  call, share your screen and swap files and links with the client while talking AND seeing each other's live video.
  3. It's available for all devices and easy to use only needing Internet which empowers you to take conference calls anywhere in the world. Many times I have conducted conference calls using Skype while sitting on the beach in Playa Del Carmen and Los Cabos.
  4. The paid version grants you a landline phone number and voicemail with SMS features so you can run your business, take calls from your cell phone without using your cell phone number and basically "shut the phone off" without any invasion of privacy. Wherever you go in the world, your office line is still ringing and you can answer it from anywhere - or not - it's pretty amazing.​

Here's how to get Skype:

To learn more about Skype follow this link.

tools the pros use-google hangouts


Like Skype, Google Voice is a voicemail service that allows users to send text messages, read voicemail transcripts, and more. It is also capable of video calls, but requires additional plug ins to work. However domestic calls to landlines is free with Google Voice, which helps set it apart from Skype in that regard. If you have a Gmail account and a phone plan, then Google Voice will work for you.

In case you are wondering, "Why do you have Google Voice and Skype?"

Here's why; both enable me to work anywhere in the world, both allow me to talk calls virtually from my computer as well as my mobile phone. Both hide my cell phone number so Clients aren't calling my personal number on Saturday night at 10pm asking for "this one quick favor" but also, it enables me to have multiple numbers so my staff can be assigned to specific numbers without me having to purchase expensive virtual phone systems.

Here's how to get GoogleVoice:

To learn more about Google Voice click this link.

tools the pros use-ZoomCloud


Zoom is similar to Skype in that it is a web based conference, live video, screen share and messaging platform. You can also record calls which is perfect for doing live trainings and providing the Client with a copy of the training afterwards.

The free version is downright amazing and what I love about Zoom is that it is so simple to launch an online conference call and invite someone to it. 

Every once in awhile I'll have a client that is having issues with Skype and, within 30 seconds, I can transition over to Zoom and have them join me by clicking the link they receive in their email. 

Although I don't have the paid version, the platform gets even more powerful and even integrates with Infusionsoft. If I ever fully move away from Skype it will be because I converted over to Zoom. Check it out and add it to your stack. You'll love it!​

Here's how to get Zoom:

If you want to test drive Zoom just click this link and enjoy!​

tools the pros use-Reflector


Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast™, AirPlay™ and iPad.

Mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. You can demo applications or present from the palm of your hand. Even send your screens directly to YouTube for others to watch live. Everything you do on your device can be wirelessly sent to Reflector!

Here's how I use this:

Sometimes I need to sketch out a digital strategy to a client or I need to draw out a concept while I am on the phone with my graphic designer. Pen and paper don't work well when you are on a digital conference call so I grab my iPad Pro and open up Reflector. Reflector will mirror my iPad Pro screen right to the conference call so everyone on the call can watch me live while I sketch out a design or campaign flow. Right from there, I can then share this sketch to Google Drive, to my iCloud and email it to the team.

It just takes the whole "let me sketch out the idea" idea to the next level and it brings with it a cool little "wow" factor for my clients.

Here's how to get Reflector:

If you'd like to learn more about Reflector please click this link.​

Browser Add-On's

tools the pros use- SnagIt


SnagIt is an application allowing users to capture screens on their laptops/computers and recording it to share with other people. This is especially useful for recording information on your screen that you want to demonstrate for other people, and share with later so they can refer to it later. SnagIt works for both Windows and Mac OS X. The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes, but you can upgrade to their Pro Version with a yearly subscription that allows you to record longer and has additional features like being able to capture the sound on your speakers.

Here's how I use it:

I am constantly working with my team to make adjustments to Client projects ranging from landing pages, ads, digital marketing campaigns and graphic design. Sometimes you need to show them a specific area you are talking about and SnagIt enables you to capture your screen and then mark it up.

Here's an example of what I am talking about.​

tools the pros use- screencast example

Here's how to get SnagIt:

If you want to learn more about SnagIt you can follow this link.

tools the pros use-Facebook Invite Tool

Facebook Invite Tool

The Facebook Invite Tool is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows you invite all your friends to a group or an event, rather than having to manually click on every single friend.

Here's how I use this:

I run Facebook ads. I get a lot of "likes" and shares with my ads so I go into the ad and use the tool to invite everyone to like my page because people who liked your ad does not mean they liked your page. 

This lets me build my audience easily with the click of a button.​

tools the pros use-Facebook like example

Here's how to get the Facebook Invite Tool:

You can find the extension here.

tools the pros use-google-chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is (hopefully) something everyone is aware of so I'll leave the description short. It is Google's web browser and, in my opinion, the most powerful browser for a small business owner. 

Here's why I use Google Chrome as my primary browser:

  1. Google Chrome has automatic updates including Flash. Many other browsers at the time of writing this do not offer that. This means that your browser doesn't break websites when it updates on you or vice versa.
  2. Google Chrome is the fastest loading browser with the cleanest code layout which means websites, fonts and most everything on the Internet will look as close as possible to how it was actually designed and supposed to look. 
  3. Google Chrome doesn't crash. It's a workhorse and I don't have time in my day to deal with crashing browsers.
  4. Google Chrome has lots of extensions and apps to expand it's power but the #1 most powerful addition is the Google Chrome Remote Desktop app. By having Google Chrome as your primary browser on your computer and having the Chrome app and the Remote Desktop app on your phone, you can VPN into your desktop and control it from anywhere in the world using your phone. 

If your goal is to be able to work anywhere in the world at anytime then this is a must-have for you.  I have been in London editing docs sitting on my office computer in Los Angeles and then finished the edits and emailed them to myself and the client.

Technology is pretty amazing and the best part is that everything I mentioned here about Google Chrome is completely FREE.​

Here's how to get Google Chrome:

Click here to install Google Chrome Browser (make sure to make it your primary browser when you install it.

Here's how to get Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

After you have installed Google Chrome and made it your primary browser then click here and download the Remote Desktop app for your computer and your phone.

tools the pros use-color picker

ColorPick Eyedropper​

ColorPick Eyedropper allows you to grab the color code for anything online in the click of a button.  

This is incredibly useful when you are trying to match brand colors for your marketing or advertising assets or need to copy a color from your site over to a platform that allows customization such as Facebook Instant Articles.

Here's how to get ColorPick Eyedropper:

ColorPick Eye Dropper is free. You can install it into your browser by clicking here.​


tools the pros use-Quick-Books-Online

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is an accounting program that is web based and designed for the small business owner. Unlike FreshBooks which is great for invoicing, QuickBooks is a more fully fleshed out accounting service that better keeps track of your business’s health such as job costing, inventory tracking, accounts payable, etc.

It’s also easier to use if you have an accountant in your business. If you are a small business that’s focused on providing services and do not need to keep inventory, then QuickBooks may not be as useful.

For my business, QuickBooks Online still has much to offer. It integrates well, is cloud based and nearly all bookkeepers and accountants use it. In my own business, I have an accountant on retainer so QuickBooks Online is very easy to log in and see reports on everything going on in my business since he and his team handle everything from expenses to account reconciliation and payroll.

Here's how to get QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks can be purchased through a monthly subscription and can be found here.

tick time tracking - must have tools the pros use

Tick Time Tracking​

Tick is new in the world of time tracking applications and it immediately got my attention when it came out. Tick has a lot of cool features that I was looking for that were crazy simple to use, that integrated with my technology stack and that my staff could easily use on any device, anywhere in the world.

Tick met this criteria and is right on budget.

Here's why I love Tick time tracking:

  1. Tick enables you to set budgets on project hours and staff. If you run a business and need to control your costs, this is how you can easily do this.​
  2. Tick integrates with Trello project management software. Trello integrates with my cloud files and staff files. So this means the files associated to projects can be easily connected into Trello to track progress on projects. Tick can easily track project hours right from Trello. Tick also integrates with QuickBooks Online so my entire process of tracking, hours and payroll is seamlessly integrated!
  3. As I mentioned just above, Tick integrates with QuickBooks online. I run payroll through QuickBooks because at the end of the year, all my costs and associated tax forms for staff are done and ready to go out. This, by itself, is worth every penny.
  4. My staff loves using Tick. It's crazy simple. Their customer support is awesome. It's affordable and it just works. This is why I love Tick!

Here's how to get Tick Time Tracking:

You can sign up today for a free Tick Time Tracking account by following this link.

tools the pros use-personal-capital

Personal Capital

Running a business is chaos. Managing your finances specifically pertaining to your investments for retirement shouldn't be.

Personal Capital is a free service that lets their users put their financial accounts in one location. Unlike Mint which is another popular financial service, Personal Capital is a tool more geared towards investment planning. This includes retirement planning, keeping track of your assets, etc. Personal Capital is free, but also comes with a paid financial advisory service if you need it.

Here's how I use Personal Capital:

I've been asked many times by business owners and entrepreneurs how I manage my finances and I promise I am writing an in-depth blog post about this. Until I write that post, this is my tool I use as a Dashboard to see the entire spectrum of all of my assets, investments and accounts across all the various platforms.

Here's how to get Personal Capital:

You can find more about Personal Capital by following this link.

tools the pros use-Scottrade-Logo


Scottrade is a private brokerage company that provides financial and trading services for their clients. This ranges anywhere from investment guidance, to banking services, or professional guidance if needed.

Here's how I use Scottrade:

I like to have my finances spread across multiple accounts and in various investment vehicles. Some accounts are managed, others are automated. My Scottrade account I personally manage so I get to play "Wall Street" with this chunk of my investment portfolio. 

Here's how to get Scottrade:

If you would like to learn more about Scottrade you can follow this link.


tools the pros use-google-analytics

Google Analytics

Everyone should know this one right?  It's the default web traffic tool we all know and sorta love. Just in case you're brand new to the scene I'm providing a short description below for you.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that allows you to track and report traffic to your websites. It tracks your data such as buyer behavior, evaluates the performance of your content and products and allows you to use these analytics to drive real impact. It also allows you to process all your data and share it easily through reports.

Here's how I use Google Analytics:

I create a custom report to track the metrics most important to me. I then automate the delivery of the report so it arrives each month right into my inbox. I also include this for my clients on the highest level of my retainer.

Here's how to get Google Analytics:

To learn more about Google Analytics you can use this link.

tools the pros use-google_tag_manager1

Google Tag Manager

If you run paid traffic then you can understand it's very important to track where the source of your traffic is actually coming from. That's where this free tool comes in handy.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app, such as those intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Floodlight, and 3rd party or custom tags from the Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code. This reduces errors and frees you from having to involve a developer when configuring tags.​

Here's how to get Google Tag Manager:

To learn more about Google Tag Manager you can use this link.

tools the pros use-wicked reports

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports takes where Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager leaves off and provides a robust snapshot and dynamic reporting feature for you to track your ad spend, highest converting sources and original lead points of entry empowering you to see precisely where your traffic is coming from and what precise ad lead them to a conversion. Everything else before this was best guessing. 

This reporting system is crazy powerful but intense. If you are a proficient online ad buyer and marketer that understands conversion metrics, funnels and data analysis then jump in and start using this!  If not, hire a professional consultant to help you decipher the data to make smart decisions on what to do next.​

Here's how to get Google Wicked Reports:

To learn more about Wicked Reports you can use this link.

tools the pros use-graphly


Graphly is the dashboard reporting feature that Infusionsoft users have been waiting for. It rolls up your marketing campaigns, sales pipeline, sales, leads, lead magnets - basically anything you want to report on inside of Infusionsoft - and provides you with a slick dashboard that is visually appealing.

Here's how to get Graphly:

To learn more about Graphly you can use this link.

tools the pros use-adespresso


AdEspresso is a tool that helps you create, test and automate better Facebook ads. It allows you to test ads with variations or different target audiences, has analytics to see where you are finding engagement and even improves your returns on investments. AdEspresso also comes with a monthly subscription if you want to use it.

Here's how to get AdEspresso:

To learn more about AdEspresso you can click here.


Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing


​Your CRM is the foundation of your entire business. Without a well equipped, well designed and intelligently managed CRM your business is being built without a strong foundation and eventually there will be cracks in your foundation.

Infusionsoft is the Ferrari of the CRM's bar none. If you own or operate a small business with plans to stay competitive, scale the world of technology, your competition evolves and, most importantly, you want to free up your time so you can focus on more important tasks then Infusionsoft is for you.

Infusionsoft is an email marketing and sales platform that automates all the tools necessary for a small business to thrive such as email marketing, tracking lead sources (critical data that shows you where you’re getting your new revenue, new customers, etc), a trusted email provider, tracking customer’s behaviors, flexibility to grow through programming, and a trusted system with full support from people who care about your business. Infusionsoft comes with various monthly subscription plans based on what your business needs.

Here's how to get Infusionsoft:

To learn more about Infusionsoft you should contact me. I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and can sell the software to you, set it up and train you in it.

Contact me by clicking this link.

Daniel Bussius Infusionsoft Certified Partner
tools the pros use-plusthis


If there's one add-on to include with Infusionsoft, it's PlusThis. The popular add-on library adds 50+ additional features to your marketing automation including SMS, Facebook retargeting, video tagging and way way more.


Here's how to get PlusThis:

To learn more about PlusThis you can follow this link.

PlusThis Bonus Tip!

I am a Plus This Certified Partner so if you happen to need any help with PlusThis please contact me and let's discuss how I can help you automate your business with this incredible tool!​

PlusThis Certified Partner
tools the pros use-FixYourFunnel


Fix Your Funnel is an application used with Infusionsoft that helps create automated SMS messages that captures leads through multiple step conversations.

Additionally it can track data through your SMS messages, tag personal contacts, add contacts through your campaign builder, etc.

It also allows you to track any inbound calls, and has an integrated dialer that allows you to contact anybody in your Infusionsoft saved searches.

Here's how to get Fix Your Funnel:

To learn more about Fix Your Funnel you can use this link.

tools the pros use-DilogR


DilogR is a platform meant to be used alongside Infusionsoft that helps you create more engaging content, whether it’s videos, quizzes, or other visuals. Often the marketing content it creates is also interactive, which helps increase engagement and conversions. Images can be catered towards what audience you’re aiming for, or the videos can be dynamic and have the capabilities of tracking, scoring and marketing to your audience depending on its viewer history.

Here's how to get DilogR:

To learn more about Dilogr click here.

tools the pros use-myfusionhelper


MyFusionHelper is an app that provides additional tools that Infusionsoft does not have. One of these tools is an Email Engagement Trigger which allows you to see which contacts have opened your emails, and even provides ways to automatically re-engage them into your campaigns. Besides that, they have a whole host of other helps that helps you format data, find and track leads, etc.

Here's how to get MyFusionHelper:

MyFusionHelper can be purchased through a monthly subscription. You can find out more about MyFusionHelper with this link.

tools the pros use-zapier


Put simply, Zapier connects everything. Zapier is the ultimate modern day MacGuyver for being able to take two platforms and super charging them with automation that would not be possible without Zapier.

Zapier's list of integrations is impressive. Check it out if you do anything online with a CRM then this is one of those integrations you'll eventually need.

Here's why I love Zapier:

There are these times where you say to yourself, "Gosh, it'd be so nice if every time I added a new invoice in QuickBooks that it would automatically add that contact to my Infusionsoft CRM" and then, all of a sudden that lightbulb appears. Zapier! Zapier does that! Zapier does nearly anything you need it to do to automate, integrate and trigger actions between platforms.​

Here's how to get Zapier:

Take a look at everything Zapier integrates with here. It's crazy!​

tools the pros use-automate.io


Automate.io is new to the game of integrations (at least to my knowledge) and seem to be competing with Zapier. Their list of app integrations is not as long but it's worth listing these guys because they keep adding new integrations regularly.

Here's how to get Automate.io:

You can check out who they integrate with here.​

tools the pros use-GoToWebinar


GoToWebinar is a program that allows you to easily host webinars with employees, partners, or customers easily and efficiently. It has features such as creating custom email invitations, custom branding to put your logo/images on any webinar material, recording for play back later, analytics to monitor interest/participation, handouts, screen sharing and more.

Here's why I love GoToWebinar:

In my opinion, GoToWebinar is the ultimate live webinar platform. It's straightforward on how to use and set it up and if you use PlusThis or MyFusionHelper to integrate it with Infusionsoft then it is pretty damn awesome.​

Here's how to get GoToWebinar:

To learn more about GoToWebinar you can find it here.

tools the pros use-docusign


DocuSign is a program that allows its users to create electronic signatures for any documents such as agreements, transactions or contracts online. The main purpose behind DocuSign is that electronic signatures are a lot more convenient to use, and saves a lot of time and money without having to worry about somebody else physically signing your document. It also happens to work in over 188 different countries, and can be used on all devices, making collecting signatures a breeze.

Here's how I use DocuSign:

I use it for employment applications, tax documents, Agreements and Client contracts . It's reliable, secure and simple to use so I don't mind the $400/year price it comes with.

Here's how to get DocuSign:

DocuSign also comes with a monthly subscription and if you would like to learn more you can click here.

tools the pros use-parsey


If you have Infusionsoft and use Docusign then Parsey is a must. It's the only service that has full integration with both platforms.

Parsey, best used for Docusign, allows you to create contacts, create company records, apply tags, create orders, etc. all in one package.

Here's how to get Parsey:

If you want to learn more about Parsey you can follow this link.

Website & Landing Pages

tools the pros use-liquidweb


LiquidWeb is my personal favorite WordPress hosting company. They offer white glove service and lightening fast dedicated WordPress servers. Admittedly, they are not the cheapest out there but you seriously cannot beat their customer service and that's why I am loyal to them.

If you are running a WordPress site and you're not 100% happy with your hosting service then check LiquidWeb out, you won't be sorry for it.

Here's how to get LiquidWeb:

To learn more about LiquidWeb's hosting service and packages click here.​

tools the pros use-clickfunnels


ClickFunnels is another marketing program, that allows you to create website pages that is based on sales funnels. The program is based on creating a page that allows you to gather visitors contact information, and allows you to upsell them on other products and services.

ClickFunnels conveniently automates all the tools necessary to create these pages, allowing you to bypass having to design and program these pages by yourself or hiring somebody else to do it.

Here's how I use ClickFunnels:

I use ClickFunnels for primarily one thing - creating client landing pages. It is very easy to use ​and set up landing pages and simple order forms and sales funnels. There seems to be a lot of mixed messages out there on what it can and can't do and, in my personal opinion, it is meant for landing pages, simple order forms and funnels, nothing else. Although not always reliable, they integrate with Infusionsoft which is why I keep them in my technology stack.

Here's how to get ClickFunnels:

To learn more about Click Funnels and get a free two week trial click here.

tools the pros use-thrivethemes


If you have a WordPress website and you are not using ThriveThemes then you'll want to read this.

ThriveThemes is a game changer for WordPress websites. ThriveThemes is a visual editor in WordPress that allows users to set up themes that are simple to read, and creates a better user experience while increasing conversion and sales.

Thrive overwrites the entire structure of how you typically edit a WordPress page and provides you with an incredibly easy to use drag and drop builder. It also comes with templates built for its platform and the necessary marketing plug-ins also. They have plugins that will target content to your audience, and create more calls for action. This means rarely you will need to go grab random plug-in's and hope they don't break your site. 

Here's why I love ThriveThemes:

It makes website look beautiful without needing to hire designers. It come with nearly everything you need for a marketing based website right out of the box. It integrates with Infusionsoft and is mobile responsive. Their templates look beautiful and are easy to work in. The site you are on right now is built in ThriveThemes.

Here's what their editor looks like. Notice the right hand column where you can drag and drop all kinds of different elements into your page.
tools the pros use-Thrive Content Builder

ThriveThemes comes with two different monthly plans depending on what you are looking for.

Here's how to get ThriveThemes:

To learn more about ThriveThemes you can follow this link.

tools the pros use-memberium


Memberium is a plugin that works with Infusionsoft and WordPress to easily create automated membership sites. It allows visitors of your website to create membership accounts which they can manage themselves, and allows you to create paid or trial membership levels and online courses.

Here's why I love Memberium:

Memberium is built really well. It's crazy simple to use and is the most powerful Membership based website that works seamlessly for Infusionsoft and WordPress.

Here's how to get Memberium:

To learn more about Memberium click here.


tools the pros use-Audiojungle

Audio Jungle

AudioJungle is a website dedicated to providing royalty free music and audio tracks meaning the music that you use from their website won’t violate any copyrights.

You can browse all genres of music, and a wide variety of sound effects or sound tracks if you need them. Each track ranges from a dollar to more depending on what the author of the music charges it at.

Here's how I use AudioJungle:

AudioJungle is the cheap version of Premium Beat. I use Audio Jungle to grab a simple sound effect or background sound and know I can get it on the cheap.

Here's how to check out AudioJungle:

You can find AudioJungle at this link.

tools the pros use-Premiumbeat

Premium Beat​

PremiumBeat is another website that gives users music, sound effects, and audio tracks free of royalties. This is simply another option for finding more music in case you need it to. PremiumBeat is generally more expensive as audio tracks go for $49 per track, but the production of these tracks are generally better produced (depending on what you’re seeking).

Here's how I use Premium Beat:

This is where I go when I am looking for audio songs that are going to play in my video for impact, to build up or bring down the emotion. This place has very high quality tracks for roughly $45/track. 

Here's how to check out Premium Beat:

You can find PremiumBeat here.

tools the pros use-Bigstock


BigStock is a database that allows you to use images and videos royalty free. It comes with photos, videos and vectors to suit your business’s graphical needs, and has a huge variety to choose from. BigStock comes with several pricing plans depending on how many images you need.

Here's how I use Bigstock:

Bigstock is awesome! I have a subscription for the royalty free videos which makes grabbing B-roll  super simple. I also have a subscription for their royalty free stock images.

My full-time graphic designer is the one that uses this most but also my highest tier retained clients have access to this too so at anytime, anywhere in the world. They can go in and grab an image to use for anything including a Facebook ad, website image, email or print project.

Here's how to check out Bigstock:

To learn more about BigStock you can click here.

tools the pros use-unsplash


Unsplash is another website that has a collection of high resolution photos for you to use. The benefit of Unsplash is that all their photos are free to use, without risk of violating any copyrights.

Here's how I use Unsplash:

Unsplash has some really great images for landscapes. It's perfect for clients on a budget as well as quotes that need a nice landscape image behind the copy.​

Here's how to check out Unsplash:

You can find Unsplash here.

tools the pros use-free-psd-templates

Free PSD Templates

This is another website that allows users to find free photoshop graphics, ranging from backgrounds and business cards to flyers and graphics.

Here's how I use Free PSD Templates:

Need a branding mock up without wanting to create one? How about what that design looks like on a MacBook or an iPhone? Free PSD Templates has plenty of already done-for-you​ unflattened PhotoShop files which makes grabbing what you need and editing it a walk in the park.

Here's how to check out Free PSD Templates:

To use this website you can click here.

tools the pros use-font-bundles

Font Bundles

FontBundles.net is a website dedicated to providing you fonts. It is more selective by choosing more professionally made font choices.

It also comes in bundles, meaning you get several fonts with each bundle, but it does come at a price.

Here's how I use Font Bundles:

Working on a project and can't determine which scripted font you want to use with your design? Why take the risk of buying one font only to wish you had bought the other when, with Font Bundles, you get a pack of similar fonts you can use. Makes the design process really easy.

If you are a "creative" like me that is visual, you might find going to the site is like a wormhole as you'll start on one font and an hour later have 50 other fonts you want.

Here's where to check out Font Bundles:

To learn more about FontBundles click here.


Vimeo is a video hosting platform that allows you to upload videos online that can be shared anywhere online. Vimeo differentiates itself with YouTube with a few distinct factors, such as password protected content if you want to review content discreetly, having the ability to update your video if changes are needed without losing that video’s stats, and not having ads pop up on your video.

It also has a much smaller community than Youtube, meaning you are less likely to get anonymous people harassing you. It comes with different annual subscriptions, which affects the amount of storage you get.

Here's how I use Vimeo:

Vimeo videos have way more options for how your video can look so I host my professional website videos on Vimeo. Vimeo also ranks higher in organic search than YouTube videos for some reason so it's always a good idea to have your videos on both platforms if that makes sense for your marketing and SEO goals.

Here's where to check out Vimeo:

To find more about Vimeo click this link here.


Wistia is a video hosting platform deep in analytics with a main purpose much different from YouTube.

It is meant to have traffic flow towards your website and improve engagement and conversions to your websites. By driving more traffic, it helps you generate leads which works with the CRM that you want. The videos made from Wistia are embedded into a website, and are meant to be used as a marketing tool in order to provide marketing and support.

The analytics of Wistia are also much more in depth, even going as deep as to see how an individual user is watching a video (what device they are using, etc).

Here's why I love Wistia:

Wistia is amazing if you have a membership site, product training or product launch and want to track​ to see how much someone is watching, when they drop off, if they speed up or slow down - basically anything you need to track for your video analytics and consumption you can do with Wistia.

Here's where to check out Wistia:

To learn more about Wistia you can click here.


We all know YouTube, yes? Just in case you have been hiding under a rock I am providing an overview. If you are familiar with YouTube then jump down to how I use YouTube.

The most popular video hosting platform, YouTube allows users to store their videos and have it shared online to anybody on the Web. Youtube is completely free, and has unlimited storage which helps make it stand out for content creators trying to have a larger reach to more audiences. It is a good platform to use if most of your interactions with customers are offline or you are working for a big branding campaign that needs as much exposure to as many people as possible.

Here's how I use Youtube:

YouTube is where I house all my public facing videos as well as my unlisted client training videos. 

For the public facing videos, I use YouTube as an asset to help with search rank and video ranks separately then web pages. Here is how this is cool. Write a blog, include a video on that blog page and have the same search terms and you'll get two separate search results.

Make sure every video you put up on YouTube has a call to action, a description of your business and a link to drive them to your site. As the video views grow, you'll gain in search rank through Google as well as YouTube. Double benefit! 

I also love that I can easily use my SnagIt Editor and record a quick training video and then instantly upload it to YouTube for a client to watch. It makes the sharing of information fast and easy for me as well as my client.

Here's where to check out Youtube:

To check out my YouTube channel click here.



Hire A Professional Consultant

I wrote this blog so forgive me for this shameless plug! On a serious note however, it is crucial to have the proper strategy and know-how to take the tools listed above and put them to your best use for monetization.

Here's why you need a Professional Consultant:

Simply put, there's no faster and more effective way to grow your business and revenues than by having the right people with the right knowledge working together. Having the proper plan, the strategy to achieve those results and the technology stack to make that growth possible are some of the biggest factors that differentiate success from failure.​

You don't have to hire me as your professional marketing and business strategy consultant but you do need to hire one. I certainly hope you consider me but please do find a pro to speak with and get started.

It will change your world for the better and make things so much easier for you. We all like easy, yes?

Here's how to book your free consultation:

With that being said, click here and book your free consultation with me.​

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