Top 10 Marketing Tools The Pros Use for 2022

Daniel Bussius

March 2, 2022

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The end of Q1 for 2022 is upon us, and there is no better time for me to release my annual list of "Tools the Pros Use."

Each year, I release a comprehensive list of recommended marketing tools and software that makes all the details of running an organization easier for business owners and their teams. With that said, everything on this list are tools that I myself use to run my digital marketing agency, Built by Love. I also recommend many of these marketing tools to my clients. 

And this year, we're getting even more serious.

I've trimmed down the list to highlight the top 10 marketing tools I use.

I'll admit, my previous Tools the Pros Use articles are incredibly thorough. But, if you’re not looking for several suggestions per category, they can also be overwhelming. And since my goal as a marketing guide is to always reduce overwhelm both for you and your customers, this year I'm taking the Top 10 approach. 

If you go through the list and the specific marketing tool that I recommend won't work for you, or isn't the right price point, or you want to see other options, then please, check out my 2021 Tools the Pros Use Guide. With a list of more than 50 recommended marketing tools spanning 10 categories, you're sure to find a pro tool that will work for your needs.

Number 1 Marketing Tool
tools the pros use - office 365 - daniel bussius

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based, subscription software with different plans aimed at business owners and corporate users.  

Office 365 provides a suite of app versions of traditional Microsoft office applications we all know, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and MS Editor.  I use all of these applications for my work, and I use Microsoft Outlook for my agency-wide email. 

A notable thing I LOVE about Office 365 is that they have fantastic customer support! 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

 For many years, Microsoft Outlook has been my go-to email solution for my agency. It's easy to set up group inboxes for my different teams, such as copy, design, and even "client requests." 

The Admin panel is intuitive and makes it really easy to control adding users, removing them, creating group emails and handling billing. 

Microsoft Outlook also seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, so all emails can be synced with your CRM. More on HubSpot later in this article! 

My agency has also recently started using the cloud-based SharePoint platform that is a part of Microsoft 365. We use it to securely store, organize, share and access project files and assets between team members and our clients. Below is a short, high-level overview of SharePoint. 

Get Microsoft Office 365:

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 by clicking here 

image of 2 Marketing Tools
slack logothat is a recommended software in tools the pros use guide for 2021

Slack is a workspace and chat room that makes communication so. much. simpler.  

When it comes to team communication, it's the best (especially if you're remote). You can send private messages to individuals, but you can also create open channels for specific projects, clients, and departments, to keep topics and discussions organized.

Also, several different software can integrate with Slack, including CRMs (such as HubSpot), Project Management Systems (such as Trello), Google Drive, and Zoom. 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

I use Slack for my entire agency communication. It allows for more direct discussions with individual team members and departments, instead of going through the back-and-forth of an email inbox. 

And, for some of our retainer clients, we use "Connections," which was designed to connect different organizations in one channel. This allows us to streamline all communications about projects, meetings, edits, and co-creation in real-time. 

Below is a video that takes you inside the team chat and channels features, which are the ones we use the most often. 

Get Slack:

The free version is robust! Try it by clicking here.

new loom logo a recommended software for Tools the Pros Use Guide by Daniel Bussius

Loom is a fantastic work communication tool that helps get your message across through instantly shareable video. 

The recorder comes with options: desktop app, mobile app, and an easy-to-use and convenient browser extension. It also easily integrates with Slack and now Google Workspaces, too.   

You can use it to capture and show your screen as it records just your voice; and, you can also use it with your webcam. When you're done recording, you can easily share your video in an instant with a link.

Loom will also let you know when your video has been viewed. If it's a time-sensitive message or you're waiting for a response, this can let you know if you need to give the recipient of the video a nudge. 

Loom "Starter" version is free, and allows you to record videos up to 5 minutes long. Any longer than that and you'll have to upgrade to one of their paid versions, Loom "Business" or Loom "Enterprise." 

At the time of writing, Loom Business is about $8/month for unlimited videos, screenshots and recording length. "Enterprise" provides advanced admin and security features. If interested in that version, you will need to talk to their sales team. 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

With my team, I use Loom to provide feedback and edits on work, to explain a new process, and to onboard new team members.  

With clients, I use it for everything! It is great for explaining a step-by-step process, showing them how to troubleshoot, as well as training videos or just to provide a little bit of guidance or insight.  

Get Loom:

Try the free version of LOOM by clicking here.

Tools the Pros Use - Zoom - daniel bussius

Because my agency team is remote and many of my clients are across the country and the world, I've been a big fan of zoom for many years. 

Starting in 2020 with the pandemic, the entire world started loving zoom, too!  If you haven't made the move to this web-based conference, live video, screen share and messaging platform, yet, I recommend you do for a few reasons...

  1.  The free version is stout, and you can try it out with no cost to you.
  2. It's so simple to launch an online conference call and invite someone to it; plus being able to share your screen and record the meeting means all the important details can be saved. For complex meetings with a lot of information flying back and forth, this ensures nothing gets lost. 
  3.  Zoom can integrate with your email and calendar and most meeting scheduling tools, like HubSpot. (More on that in the HubSpot section!) 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

I use Zoom for ALL of my meetings. I also use it for when I host webinars and trainings. For big webinars, you can utilize something called "breakout rooms," which allows you to split your Zoom meeting into smaller separate sessions. So, if you want to split up participants into small groups for discussion or to work through a "problem" you give them as part of your webinar, breakout rooms make it easy. 

We also integrate Zoom with our Slack channel. That means if I'm chatting with a team member, and we decide it'd be easier to talk it out, I just type "/zoom" into our private channel and press enter. It launches the meeting and invites the other person to join with one click. Hassle-free! 

Below is a 1-minute video summarizing all that Zoom has to offer aside from its well-known meeting function. 

Get Zoom:

Try the free version of Zoom by clicking here!

Marketing Tools the Pros Use #5
Clockify is a marketing tool for timetracking

Clockify is a completely free time tracking software that comes with an easy-to-use browser extension. 

Employees and contractors alike can track their time using a browser timer or they can log hours manually into a timesheet It easily integrates with more than 50 project management and productivity applications, like Asana, Trello, TeamWork, Google Calendar, Outlook, Airtable, and HubSpot, just to name a few. 

It also has excellent reporting that can be filtered by client, team, project, billable hours and by week, month, or annually. 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

All my agency team members use Clockify to track their time on projects for clients.

It's great for ensuring we are on-track and on-budget, for our retainer clients and project clients. The reporting features make it a cinch to see where any outliers might be.

Get Clockify:

Sign up for a free Clockify account by clicking here.

marketing tools the pros use #6
tools the pros use - lastpass - daniel bussius

LastPass is the most robust free password management software I've come across.

It stores encrypted log-in details, like usernames and passwords and has great organizational options. LastPass can also store credit card payment details, so it's ready to auto populate at check out. 

The free version is perfect for individuals, and the paid version is great for business. It comes with a mobile app, multi-device password sharing, encrypted file storage, as well as 4-tiered business plans.

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

We use LastPass as our agency password vault. It's where we house all passwords to the software we use, and how I share login details (while keeping my passwords private!) with team members, contractors, and clients for no-hassle sharing. It also gives you one-click control to pull back shares, too.

I recommend using the browser extension. It makes it incredibly easy to safely auto-fill your passwords and payment details anywhere you go online. 

While the free version is fantastic, I opted for the premium version. This includes mobile access to all of the same features, which is great for the person-on-the-go, which I often am! 

Get LastPass:

This affiliate link will give you a month of LastPass Premium for free! If you would rather forego the premium version, click here instead. 

HubSpot Logo Marketing Tools the Pros Use

I've mentioned HubSpot a number of times throughout this article thus far. Its integrations are endless AND it is my preferred CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, bar none. All CRMs should seamlessly manage your company's interactions with prospects and customers to improve relationships and make growing your business easier.

HubSpot does that and more. With HubSpot Marketing and Hubspot Sales, you can integrate marketing, sales, and services so everyone on your team is working off the same system record. HubSpot makes it easy to track actions taken with forms, emails, calls or virtually any other communication with clients.

The meeting tool is a life-saver.

Gone are the days of going back and forth about each person's availability!  You can brand it to your company, integrate it with your calendar and Zoom, and it will automatically scan and sync with your calendar. All you have to do is send your contact your meeting link, they select a meeting time that works for them, and it will automatically send them the invite and then add the booked meeting to the lead’s contact record and your calendar.

To see what a branded scheduling calendar looks like, click here!

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

At my agency, we use HubSpot for nearly everything, including customer management, sales, and even project management. For project management, we use the HubSpot Sales Pipeline because it's so customizable, and ensures our client info and projects are up-to-date.  

We use HubSpot Reports to easily follow the end-to-end experience of our customers and evaluate our overall marketing and sales progress.  We can view website analytics, analyze the performance of online ads, and measure the performance of our email marketing campaigns.

If you're a company making over $500,000 in gross revenue and you're growing or planning to grow, you should definitely be using HubSpot.  

To Get HubSpot:

To learn more about HubSpot you should contact me. I am a HubSpot Certified Partner and can help guide you.

Contact me by clicking this link.

Hubspot Certified Partner
Marketing Tools #8

Databox is a business analytics platform that helps you to track the performance of your company, teams and individuals all in one place.

You can mix-and-match metrics from different sources (it integrates with hundreds of different software) all in one dashboard to get a complete picture of your company's performance. 

Also, they have great support! 

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:

What I love about Databox, of course, is its built-in integration with HubSpot. I use the premade dashboard and report sets regularly to see our performance and track KPIs. 

Check out the short video below to see how easy it is to use. 

Get Databox:

Learn more about Databox and get a complimentary account with this link.

Marketing Tool #9
thrive themes logo marketing tool the pros use

ThriveThemes is a visual editor in WordPress for website building. It comes with nearly everything you need for a marketing-based website right out of the box. It's also mobile responsive, which is an absolute requirement these days. 

Thrive overwrites the entire structure of how you typically edit a WordPress page and provides you with an incredibly easy to use drag-and-drop builder. It comes with templates built for its platform and all the necessary marketing plug-ins, too. You'll rarely need to grab random plug-ins, which can sometimes "break" your site! They also have plugins that will target content to your audience and create more calls to action.  

Marketing Tool Pro Tip:  

My agency uses Thrive for all website design work we do. Clients love it because they get a beautiful website that's incredibly easy for them to manage. I love it for that and for all the reasons mentioned above. In fact, the site you are on right now is built in ThriveThemes. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to use ThriveThemes, check out my Ultimate ThriveThemes review here.

The video below is a stout walkthrough tutorial. It's also divided up into sections so you can skip around to see what you're interested in. 

Get ThriveThemes:

Click here to try ThriveThemes yourself,

Marketing Tool #10
marketing tool the marketing RAMP

If you're looking for a marketing strategy that functions as a complete marketing blueprint, then I can't let you go without telling you about my proprietary process, the Marketing RAMPⓇ.

A foundational marketing plan can't just be a single strategy that treats your customer like a monolith. If you want a master plan for success, you need a dynamic strategy that is designed to communicate with real humans and meet them along their customer journey (which is almost never linear!)

The Marketing RAMPⓇ took me more than a decade to develop, and the end product identifies 7 critical elements needed for marketing success, which I call the 7 Pillars of the Marketing RAMP®. 

Each of the pillars work together to give you a complete marketing master plan. As visitors enter the Marketing RAMP®, they’re taken along a dynamic buyer’s journey – a journey designed specifically for them and one that adapts to their needs.

image of marketing RAMP heart by Built by love agency

In addition to basing the customer journey off of real human behavior, the Marketing RAMP® aligns all departments of your company to work as one. From sales, to marketing, to operations, everyone is empowered to turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans.

My agency has created Marketing RAMP® Software that you can register for completely free. The software will guide you through the RAMP build process. 

Try the Marketing RAMP®:

Click here to register for the Marketing RAMP Software for free; or, click here to learn all about it before you register! 

Want hands-on marketing help? Click the button below to schedule a chat with me.

Did I miss something? Share your thoughts below!

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