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About Daniel Bussius

About Daniel Bussius

Daniel has a truly diverse base of experience creating and managing national and International marketing programs and events. Daniel has worked with over 350 brands covering a broad base of industries including consumer packaged goods, health care, retail, fashion, spirits, education, telecom, and entertainment.

Daniel has personally managed up to 36 employees and manages budgets up to $10 million annually. He understands the mechanics of marketing, communications, program management as well as creating groundbreaking experiential events that produce quantifiable results.

Mr. Bussius has designed and managed national brand roll outs, point of sale merchandise, national tours, brand marketing campaigns and International conferences. His experience in conference, tradeshow, event creations and management is robust having executed thousands of events.

Daniel is a member in the International High IQ Society, an elite organization created for individuals whose IQ is within the top 5% of the world. He is a forward thinking leader with a passion for the brands he works with – all of which produce powerful results that exact change and progressive growth. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, cycling and hiking.

Digital Marketer Certified Partner
Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

Daniel is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant helping businesses increase profits, save time and scale faster using automation.

Professional Business Coach

Daniel is a professional business coach offering one on one private coaching sessions focusing on growth strategies for CEO's and entrepreneurs

Certified Event Planner

Daniel is an accredited destination management and event planner who develops and manages large scale corporate events anywhere in the world.

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Skip The Learning Curve

Do you find yourself trying to be the expert in every area of your business?

Do you feel like you're constantly juggling between sales, marketing, customer service and operations tasks on a daily basis?

By hiring a professional business coach you can bypass the learning curve that every entrepreneur experiences.

You'll be empowered with the knowledge on how to grow smarter and faster saving you precious time and money and possibly save your sanity along the way too. 🙂

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Daniel is a straightforward, reliable and loyal partner who understands and appreciates budgeting constraints and seeks to maximize investment at every opportunity.

John  CEO/The Kinesiology Institute
"Daniel has been instrumental in streamlining and automating my marketing to significantly increase my sales and save me valuable time."

Make Your Marketing Work For You

Are you constantly trying to figure out what to do next?  Do you have an annual marketing plan?  Are your sales and marketing funnels not working as well as you thought and you're short on ideas and time?

Daniel will help you refine your marketing strategy and then develop marketing campaigns that will drive new leads, convert them in to customers and raving fans.  

You'll be empowered to know that your marketing campaigns will be set on an annual sales cycle and you'll be intelligently engaging and selling your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Engage Your Audience

Are you running out of ideas to engage your audience?

Are your competitors producing events that outshine what you're doing? Do you feel like you are spending a lot on your events but getting little in return?  You're not alone, Project Managers feel the same way.

Delivering that "wow" factor while simultaneously delivering successful social, sales and brand engagement metrics is a tricky task.

Daniel can help you deliver the results you desire while saving you time and money.  Whether you're looking for full service event management or specific program components, Daniel can help you.  

"Daniel was great, got our project done early and even went the extra mile for us.  We will definitely enlist his services again!"

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