7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement

Daniel Bussius

August 9, 2016

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Running a business crushes your free time.  Along with the day-to-day tasks associated with entrepreneurship there's always the newly urgent and last minute details that eat up any free minutes to spare in your day.

So as much as we all love free tips, tools, ​and resources, most of us know that we will have very little free time to actually do any of them.

Acknowledging the amount of things we want to accomplish compared to what we actually accomplish (and the massive gap between those two things) is not my attempt at making you feel bad.  ​:-/

Trust me, I feel your pain.  ​I'm right there with ya. 

This month I decided to create a training that you can get done in roughly 7 minutes. 

7 simple steps to social media engagement

Scouts honor, I'm going to show you 7 simple things you can do to improve your social media engagement in just about 7 minutes.


We all have 7 minutes somewhere in our day that we can devote to increasing social media engagement, increasing followers and just making our marketing better.  

Let's get started with Tip #1.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #1: ​Update Your Calendar Invites

If you use a calendar scheduling service like ScheduleOnce, Calendly or any other similar service that enables you to have customers or clients schedule time with you then this first tip is for you!

Did you know that you can customize your copy and links for the scheduling confirmations as well as the reminders?  Nearly everyone person I have booked time with or integrated their software for them has not taken advantage of this purposeful reason to email someone.

social media custom calendar invite

Click image to zoom in for the social call to action in the Schedule Once booking confirmation template.

Think about it for a minute.  A customer/client has scheduled a time to speak/meet with you based on their own action and selection. Don't you think they'll glance at that email once the confirmation email comes in?  

You bet they will.

Furthermore, as your meeting date/time approaches, the reminder email will be read too.  Adding in a succinct call to action for them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter takes no more than one line of text and some links.  

One line of text and your'e done.  This sucker will be automated forever continually asking them to connect with you on social.  60 seconds of your time and this gift just keeps on giving.  

Love this? (you'd be crazy not too) Follow me on Facebook and let's move to social media engagement Tip #2.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #2: Add This To Your Web Form Confirmation Page

We all have web forms on our website.  Regardless if they are for downloading a free report, getting some free cheat sheet, opting in to a newsletter or contacting you - every website built from 1990 on has to have at least one webform on it.  

But here's the crazy thing about this universal form we all know and use...

We spend very little time making the effort of doing anything cool with the web form submission/confirmation page unless we are trying to sell them something.

social media thank you page

Click to zoom in on the web confirmation page with the social media call to action.

Most people nowadays use web forms to offer someone something for free and then, after that person submits their info, they get sold something else.  If you follow Digital Marketer, Frank Kern or any other of the internet marketers, they all are big on tripwires and funnels with immediate offers and upsells. 

Rightfully so, that stuff works. BUT... at some point in your process, after the customer has submitted their email and info, you should be asking them to connect with you on social media.

You have their attention (unless you have them in some massive upsell/downsell funnel of horrors that never ends). So take advantage of having their attention and ask them to click the link and connect with you on social.  

Pro Tip: You can even incentivize them to do so and then automatically send them a discount code, free gift or some other goodie by them taking that action.  If you are an Infusionsoft user and want this done for you then message me and I can set this up for you so it runs 24/7/365 automatically.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #3: Get Social After The Purchase

When someone spends money on something they tend to pay close attention to information relating to that purchase.

So, for this reason, make sure to add in to your order confirmation page the "Next Step".

That next step is for them to connect with you on social and make sure to give them a reason why.  Maybe you provide special updates on social, maybe your updates hit social first, maybe you provide live video feeds that only happen on social.

Whatever the reason, make sure to have one and make sure it adds value.

You have their undivided attention after the give you money so take that time to ask them to like/follow you and you'll see your fans and followers start to increase.

You can also do this with your order receipt email or a separate email that mentions their recent purchase and asks for them to take this next step. Either way, it's easy to do and will produce fast results for you.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #4: Welcome New Followers

This one is crazy simple yet very few actually do this.

Put a reminder on your calendar or, if you have an assistant, task them to do it, so every week at exactly the same day and time you check your social media account and personally message your new followers with a welcome message.

Don't worry about what to say.  

You are going to write one welcome message as a template and use that for every single person.  It's that simple.  

Pro Tip: Make sure your welcome message is customized to each social media channel and that all of the messages reference a link for them to click to agree to your values/mission/goals. 

Why do this you may be asking?

Here's why.  It sounds official.  It gets them to engage at a deeper level, when they do click on that link and hit that landing page, they are asked for their name, social media page URL and email address.  The only thing mandatory is the email.

Guess what we just did there?  We just created a reason for that person to give you their email and (if they filled out their social media page link and their name, you now have a full picture of your new potential customer.

Pretty damn powerful, huh? 

If you agree, don't be greedy and share the love by sharing this post.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #5: Cross Reference Social Networks 

This tip comes as a compliment and no brainer to social media Tip #4.

Cross reference your social media profiles in your templated welcome message for each social channel as well as in your bio.  If you post links or updates, make sure to mix it up so that your twitter link drives traffic to the Facebook post. Also, your Snapchat post mentions the link to your instagram account, etc, etc.

As long as you stay in line with the social network's terms of acceptable use, you will be just fine.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #6: Incorporate Social In To Your Indoctrination 

I am assuming you know what an Indoctrination Sequence is. If you do not, schedule your free 30 minute consultation so that I can educate you on what this is and why it is so important. 

The majority of Indoctrination Sequences mention social but that is as far as that goes.  

I personally think this is an injustice to your social media goal of engaging people.  

You might be thinking..

7 simple steps to increase social media engagement

Here's what I'm talking 'bout Willis:

Inside your Indoctrination Sequence you want to share your story with the recipient, you want to add value to their day and you want to establish a relationship with them.

You can do this inside each of your Indoc emails with specific content links to each of your social channels.

For example: you can link a valuable blog post that they might enjoy to your Facebook page that hosts that piece of content.  You might link a picture of you and your company or it's products to an Instagram picture, you may show them a customer testimonial on Twitter.

Whatever the content, you can easily incorporate social directly in to your Indoctrination Sequence.  

Want to see how I did this?

Opt-in below and you'll get my Indoctrination Sequence with the social media examples I provided above.

7 Simple Steps To Increase Social Engagement,
Tip #7: Create A Welcome Video For Social

A welcome video. Pretty basic idea but powerful.

When someone connects with you on a social media channel they are taking the relationship a bit deeper than email.

Here's why I feel this way:

Email tends to be a one sided communication median.  The Sender sends an email to a Recipient that says something but rarely empowers the Recipient to respond with emotion.

When they follow you on Facebook, for example, they can show that they love your post, that you have wowed them or that the post sparks negative emotions.  Furthermore, they can comment on it providing insight in to their thoughts and values.  

Nearly all email blasts fail to spark the same type of engagement where a user shows their emotion as they do on a social network like Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying social is better than email.  I am saying you get a deeper level of response when you have a connected and engaged audience.

How do you send the welcome video?

You will create a link in your welcome message template back in Tip #4.  That link can be a link to your YouTube Channel, an Instagram post or a Facebook post.  Totally up to you.

Pro Tip: Create a landing page dedicated to welcoming a new member for each social channel.  Embed the welcome video on that page along with their opt-in opportunity to get emails from you. If you are paying attention, you'll see that this Pro tip gives you the ability to combine the "Agree to values/mission/goals Pro Tip with this one and we just created a very powerful, customized and relevant landing page for each social channel.

Better yet, when they opt-in, they will get your Indoctrination Sequence that further engages them with all of your social channels.

Cool huh?

I hope you enjoyed these quick 7 tips to increase your social media engagement.

As always, make sure to sign up for my blog so you get these free trainings and tips each month and follow me on social media.

Let me know what you think and how this works for you by commenting below.

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