Exponentially Grow Your Lead Magnets And Gain New Customers

Daniel Bussius

April 5, 2016

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Creating a powerful Lead Magnet can significantly increase your leads and help grow your business.  

However, many business owners find it a challenge to efficiently create lead magnets easily and on a regular basis.

It's time to change this!  

I am going to provide you with a simple, easy to follow Action Plan to systematically create a Lead Magnet and then multiply that one Lead Magnet in to 7 total Lead Magnets.

What's great about this system that I am about to show you is that you'll be able to take just 2 Lead Magnet topics and, once finished, you'll have 14 Lead Magnets ready to be used.

That's 7 x growth on lead magnets (hence why I am calling this tutorial "Learn How to Exponentially Grow Your Lead Magnets (and gain new customers)"​

Make sure to download your FREE Lead Magnet Worksheet and Webinar PowerPoint Template for this tutorial.  Cool huh?

Simply enter your first name and email, and, like magic, they'll arrive in your inbox.

OK, let's get to the fun stuff.  Time to pay attention!​

The first thing I want you to do is consider who your ideal customer is that should be receiving this lead magnet.  Different customers have different and unique interests and needs and this can directly impact how effective your lead magnet is.  

For example:

A sushi restaurant is an attractive dining establishment for anyone who enjoys sushi. However, a corporate employee looking for a fast, enjoyable meal during his/her lunch break has a completely different interest and need then a couple seeking a romantic dining establishment.  

sushi restaurant example for lead magnet tutorial

You may have the same or similar products (in this case sushi) to offer the customer but their needs and interest are almost completely different.  

So, it is important that you first determine who your ideal customers are for the lead magnet.  

Note: You can have more then one ideal customer and the same lead magnet can work BUT the message, the ad and the reason might need to be changed specifically to each customer type.  ​

We now move to the official Step 1​ in this tutorial.

Here is a video tutorial covering How to Exponentially Grow Your Lead Magnets.  Make sure to read this blog first and download your FREE Worksheet and PowerPoint deck.

Step 1: List One Topic That Agitates Your Ideal Customer​

This one topic must be an important problem that your ideal customer is facing and wants to have resolved. Make sure this topic is directly associated with your business and part of the solution you can offer this customer.

find an issue that agitates your customer for your lead magnet
Here are a few examples for a few different business types:
  • Pest Control Company: your topic may be to get rid of termites
  • Fitness Facility or Trainer: Lose weight
  • Women’s Clothing Company: Is your wardrobe outdated?

Step 2: Pose The Topic As A Question That Grabs Attention

Now that you have this topic I want you to think of a way to frame the topic as an attention grabbing question. Think of some outrageous headlines you’ve seen in the news, on TV and online that have caught your attention and made you stop and take a look.

headlines that capture attention for your lead magnet

That is the kind of headline question you are going to want to create. Before you get crazy with this! Make sure that you remain reputable with your creativity and the question merits the content for your brand.

Here are a few examples:
  • Pest Control Company: Do you know the safest way to get rid of termites?
  • Fitness Facility or Trainer: Is this the fastest way to lose weight?
  • Women’s Clothing Company: Are these Summer’s must-have fashion pieces?

Step 3: List The 7 Top Things That Can Answer Your Question

​I had you create your topic as a question so you could be in the mindset for this next exercise which is to efficiently and quickly answer the question. Come up with 7, or as many bullet points as you can, for the answers to the question. Try and make sure that the 7 bullet point answers are different enough that they can stand alone.

7 things list for your lead magnets
Here are a few examples for our weight loss topic:
  • Is this the fastest way to lose weight?
  • Diet is key to success
  • Exercise will be your new best friend
  • Stay out of the middle of the grocery store when food shopping

Step 4: Create A Short Story For Each Answer

​Now that you have the bulleted answers from Step 3 we will now take each of those bullet points and add a short story that explains this solution, it’s benefit and a use-case example. Make sure that each short story stays in line with the primary topic.

short story lead magnet
Here are a few examples for our weight loss topic:

Is this the fastest way to lose weight?

Diet is key to success.

Surprised to read this?

Most people don’t realize that 90% of your success in changing your physical appearance is based primarily on your diet.

Whether you are looking to gain muscle mass and 6 pack abs or slim down to fit in that Summer dress, diet will be the driving factor for you to achieve your success. Additionally, as you begin to exercise more your body will require a specific set of nutrients, proteins, complex carbohydrates and calories.

Working with a Certified Fitness Trainer or a Nutritionist will help you develop a smart, well-balanced plan for you to lose weight and keep it off.

Step 5: Develop Multiple Lead Magnets With Your Content

7 things list for your lead magnets

Lead Magnet #1: The List​

This is your Top 7 things to do/win/avoid, etc. You see these all the time. It’s a PDF that is list based with short answers to accomplish or avoid a specific thing.

You already have this done! You did it in Step 3.

One down, 6 to go! In the PDF you’ll have an extra page included that lists who you are, your company and has an exclusive offer with next steps for them to take.

Tip: Don’t use an expiring offer as this is a PDF and won’t make sense.

blog for lead magnet tutorial

Lead Magnet #2: The Blog Series

We are going to take the 7 short stories you created in Step 4 and use these as individual blog posts. You’ll want to add a few additional sentences to each one.

Here’s the simple, extra sentences to add:
  • You’ll want to mention that the blog post is a multiple part series covering one specific topic. Make sure to state the date when each post is going to be published.
  • You’ll add in the links to the previous posts at the beginning and at the end of the blog in each post just in case a reader shows up in the middle or end of your blog series. This also helps you on organic SEO ranking. Extra bonus!

Make sure that in each blog post you have the call to action which could be a discount, free consult, trial membership, extra bonus content.. whatever you want to add as your next step or ascension step.

mini course for lead magnet

Lead Magnet #3: The Free Mini Course

We’re going to take those short stories you created in Step 4 and place each one inside it’s own email.

You’ll then set up a timed auto drip campaign that delivers 1 email each day for the next 7 days. Make sure to add in to the copy for email #1 the details of what they should expect.

For example; Thanks for signing up for my free course on 'X'. Over the next 6 days I am going to send you a new part of the training at [insert time]".

Of course, you’ll offer them a tripwire/upsell or expiring exclusive offer towards the end of this free training. I suggest that you tease it all the way through with passive mentions in the beginning leading to full blown offers at Day 3.

Sprinkle them throughout.

poll for lead magnets

Lead Magnet #4: The Opinion Poll

We are going to take the Question I had you create back in Step #2 and place that in a web form as a poll.

You’ll want to have 8 possible responses in the poll.

The first 7 options are your 7 Things you created in Step #3. The 8th poll option is Undecided/Not Sure.

Then, once the respondent votes by selecting their choice in the poll, they will receive an email providing them with your specific short story you created in Step #4.

You can also offer them to then take your freeMini Course and you’ll want to make sure they are offered your tripwire.​

webinar for lead magnet

Lead Magnet #5: The Webinar

​Here’s where we are going to use everything we’ve done in Lead Magnets 1-3 and create a webinar.

The great thing about this is that you have the question we created back in Step #2. That can be the agitator to connect to your solution in the webinar.

You also have the 7 Things that can solve that problem (the agitator) so you’ll use those 7 Things as the callouts in the beginning of the webinar to inform them, “I’ll be covering these 7 solutions in today’s webinar”.

Now, all you need to do is grab your emails in Lead Magnet #3 and copy the email copy and paste it in to a PowerPoint presentation. With same basic editing you now have your presentation framework.

Add in some graphics, an introduction and, of course, your exclusive offer for webinar attendees only. Record, publish it to your favorite landing page or evergreen webinar solution and you are ready to rock!

By the way, if you want to learn how to create you own webinar using only YouTube and Infusionsoft then make sure to check out my tutorial that walks you through that here.​

I created a FREE PowerPoint Presentation for you to use as well as a Lead Magnet Worksheet.  Cool huh?

Simply enter your first name and email and you'll get the Lead Magnet Worksheet plus the Lead Magnet Webinar PowerPoint presentation delivered to your inbox.

how to video for lead magnet

Lead Magnet #6: The How-To-Video

You’re going to take the 7 Things that you created back in Step #3 and select the ones that can be easily and simply translated in to a YouTube “How-To-Video”. Now, you do not need to give away every step, secret or trick but you do want to make sure you add a lot of value in the video. At the end, you’ll have a call to action and you’ll want the link to appear on the video as well as in the video notes with the hyperlink. Post these on YouTube and you can also embed themas landing pages and promote on social media. You’ll enjoy organic SEO ranking as well as free traffic being driven to your site creating this Lead Magnet.​

infograph for lead magnet

Lead Magnet #7: The Infograph

In this step you’ll take the 7 Things you created back in Step #3 and send them to a graphic designer to create an infograph for you. You can easily find a designer using services such as Fiverr or Infogram . You’ll, of course, want to make sure to include info about you, your company and a call to action/exclusive offer for them in the infograph at the bottom.Make sure to stay away from expiring offers since this will be an asset you’ll embed in websites, on social media and send as a PDF.​

Next Steps

I have created the Lead Magnets in order of complexity, time and potential financial investment. Don’t worry if you don’t get all of the suggested Lead Magnets done, however, you now have the know-how and formula to systematically create powerful Lead Magnets that gain you new customers and help you grow your business.Most of the concepts listed above include technology and should be used with an automated marketing system. If you need help with anything I have mentioned within this worksheet please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to see how I can assist you in growing your business and making your life easier!​

recommended lead magnet tools

Tools I Recommend For Your Success:​

The following tools I use and recommend for this worksheet. Click any of the links to learn more about them or just contact me!

CRM & Automated Marketing: Infusionsoft
Website & Blog: ThriveThemes
Landing Pages: ClickFunnels
Video Training & Polling: Dilogr
How-To-Video Hosting: YouTube
Infographs: Infogram​
lead magnets tutorial was this useful

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Please leave me some feedback in the comment section below and let me know if this was useful or leave me with any questions you have.  I'll be happy to respond.

If so, please share it with your friends and colleagues.  

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