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Welcome To The Online Press Kit For Daniel Bussius

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Marketing master Daniel Bussius devised seven pillars for marketing success based on decades of experience working with companies worldwide. He shares why sales funnels fail, the customer journey is king, and aligning your brand with love is key to success.

Marketing — many business owners misunderstand and dread it. They have horror stories of spending too much time and money on marketing strategies that fail. Or they believe marketing in the digital age is too complex and confusing to master, so they ignore it or go about it wrong. But company leaders can’t afford to avoid or bungle marketing in today’s internet-driven business frenzy, says marketing master Daniel Bussius, author of the upcoming book, “Business Built By Love.”

“Marketing is the life source of a healthy company,” he says. “It feeds the company new customers, educates the world about their products and services, and creates loyal customers who return to buy again.”

Daniel is founder and CEO of the award-winning agency Built by Love® and creator of the Marketing RAMP®, a master plan that ensures marketing success for every type and size company.

Marketing RAMP® stands for responsive, aligned master plan. Daniel teaches business owners to create the perfect Marketing RAMP® for their company — a comprehensive strategy to guide all their marketing and sales efforts, leaving nothing to chance.

“In order for marketing to work right, you need to cover seven pillars for success,” he explains. “I've spent ten years developing these steps and two years testing them in the real world to demystify marketing and provide business owners, regardless of their industry or size, with a proven plan for a clear path to marketing success.”

Why Funnels Fail
For years, Daniel helped his clients design digital marketing funnels, a series of linear steps intended to guide customers from interest through purchase. Then he noticed funnels were no longer performing as intended — companies heard crickets chirping despite the ads, landing pages, lead magnets, and offers that comprised their funnels.

As a marketing agency CEO and consultant, Daniel started digging to determine why this was happening industry-wide. He discovered that consumer behavior had shifted, making funnels far less effective than they were intended to be.

“Consumers have stopped behaving in a linear fashion due to an assortment of reasons, but mainly because their choices and options have exploded,” he says. “Instant answers, an onslaught of competitor ads, and nearly limitless resources are a few finger taps away on a mobile device.”

Rather than following a linear path, consumers “jump forward and back and move vertically up and down in the path to purchase. This is where the standard funnel breaks. It was never designed for dynamic movement of a prospect bouncing in and out of stages,” Daniel says. Funnels often hit prospects with sales offers that are out of sync with where they are on their customer journey, the path to a potential purchase. He likens this to a distant relative or friend who only calls you when they want something. “You get trained to not take their calls.” “We as sellers are no longer in the driver's seat, and what has come from this revolution is that the path to purchase is no longer a straight line. If you don't adjust the way you market and sell, your business will not survive,” he warns.

Marketing RAMP® — A Master Plan for Responsive, Aligned Marketing
Daniel created the Marketing RAMP®, which also stands for Responsive Aligned Marketing Plan, to solve this conundrum. This system allows businesses to identify what customers are doing and where they are in their journey so the right messaging and offers can be sent at the right time.

In “Business Built by Love,” Daniel teaches business owners to develop a master plan using the Marketing RAMP® process. This plan includes communications, actions and experiences that a brand engages with their customers and prospects as they move through each stage of the Marketing RAMP®. The book also details how to use Marketing RAMP®® technology to maximize the real-time effectiveness of their sales and marketing.

“Having the right conversations at the right time makes this new method of marketing behave and interact like a human-to-human experience,” Daniel says. “Instead of letting your customers and prospects get stuck in the wrong conversation funnel, or worse yet, fall into a no-man's land of crickets and tumbleweeds, you can use the Marketing RAMP® to maintain momentum and continue driving value, trust, and alignment so you can close more sales and grow your business.

Infusing Joy in the Journey, and Love in Your Business
The Marketing RAMP® isn’t just about automation, technology and strategic planning. It’s also about helping business owners put joy and love at the center of their customers’ experience. “Built by Love®,” the name of Daniel’s award-winning marketing agency, reflects his passion for helping business owners tap into the power of love in marketing. He aims to inspire everyone to “put love at the core of our businesses.”

“We want to make sure that everything we do, whether you're a prospect or a customer or a past customer, you're going to love the experience. You’re going to love the employees. You’re going to love the quality that we put into the products, the service.”

The key to doing this, Daniel says, is “infusing points of delight” throughout the customer experience. This is how the biggest brands inspire undying customer loyalty, and it’s something that all businesses can do.

“There's no loyalty like that without trust, and there's no trust without love,” he says. “That's why you need to work on building love into your marketing strategy if you want to grow a scalable, sustainable and successful business that will stand the test of time.

“This concept of building love into your marketing is an idea I hold close to my heart,” Daniel says. “I fully believe that how you do business and how you engage people will ultimately determine what comes back to you in this world.”

For more information, visit builtbylove.com