The Dollars Are In The Details: Why Infusing Delight Into Micro Moments Matters For Your Marketing

Daniel Bussius

August 2, 2022

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It’s the small things that matter. 

Coming from a parent or significant other this might mean the little things like an unexpected kiss, a gentle touch, or a phone call to say I love you. 

These small, micro moments are the little things that create powerful connections, evoke heartfelt emotions and ultimately cement our loyalties.

Why are the little moments so powerful?

Because the way the human mind has developed, it naturally seeks small bits of information that can be easily processed. Too much information at once and the brain will have sensory overload and dump most of the information or tune out completely. 

When these micro moments are infused with delight and nothing else — they can make quite the impression. 

The same can be applied to the relationship between your business and your customer. 

Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer or a sales person, understanding the power of micro moments of delight can make the difference between wild success and a never-ending uphill battle to fight for every new customer.

So, to get you on the path of wild success paved with micro moments of delight, let’s dig into some examples.

These are common ways brands infuse points of delight along a customer journey. Most likely, you’ve experienced these delight-infused micro moments yourself. 

Micro Moments of Delight Example #1: The All-Inclusive Resort

Have you ever checked into an all-inclusive resort and you’re greeted at check-in with a flute of champagne, or perhaps the resort’s signature drink? 

This unexpected surprise — that also sets the tone for your amazing stay — was specifically designed to kick off your visit with a micro moment of delight.

Everything from the surprise of the complimentary  beverage to that first delicious sip transforms you from the previous, hurried and stressed state of gotta-get-from-the-house-to-the-airport-to-the-flight-to-the-bags-to-the-Lyft-to-the-hotel into a be-here-now state of total relaxation.

The drink signals to your brain: you are now officially on vacation! 

And the best part? 

This moment usually happens just as you’re officially committing to the payment details at check-in. 

Micro Moments of Delight  Example #2: The Upscale Restaurant

Have you ever been to an upscale restaurant and the server brings over an unexpected, complimentary hors d'oeuvre? 

This small moment of delight is the trigger that moves you from one state in your customer journey to the next. (By the way, I love using nice restaurants as examples of the customer journey because they’ve truly perfected it. I even wrote an entire article all about it; click here to read it.) 

Here, in this example, the complimentary hors d'oeuvre kicks off the “consumption” stage of the journey. 

The consumption stage in customer journey in a restaurant is quite literal; but, every product and service includes a consumption stage. Typically, it’s when a prospect becomes a customer by using a service or buying a product. 

Just like this unexpected, delicious hors d'oeuvre moment — most products and services must have masterfully crafted delightful micro moments built into the customer experience in order to create value and loyalty. And, ultimately, fight the dreaded 60% buyer’s remorse statistic!

Yes, 6 out of 10 people who buy something —  anything —  immediately have buyer’s remorse. 

How do you fight it? With prevention: by infusing delight into micro moments.

That’s what luxury packaging is all about. Whether it’s a watch or skincare, the quality box, the opulent tissue paper, the silken ribbon that it’s wrapped in gives you a deeply enjoyable and sensuous experience — before you even get to the product.

Each micro moment of delight confirms: this was worth it.  

Micro Moments of Delight Example #3: Disney World and Universal Studios

Have you ever been to one of the Disneyworld and Universal Studios theme parks and noticed something special about waiting in line?

These amusement parks have invested great amounts of money, effort and time to ensure t your time waiting in line for that next ride continues to build with excitement.

Why? Because the lines at Disneyland the first year were a disaster. More guests and crowds and ticket sales would seem like a “great problem” to have…but not if every guest leaves frustrated and has a terrible experience. 

They of course couldn’t reasonably afford to build enough of the same attraction to eliminate the long waits in line completely…so, instead, they designed delight into the waiting experience. 

Every turn and bend throughout the line is injected with video, music, sights, sounds and wonder that gradually builds with drama as you get closer and closer to the actual ride. 

They essentially reimagined the customer journey inside the park, making lines a complete part of the ride experience, instead of a “separate activity that disturbed the main experience.” 

So even though you may have just waited in line for two hours to get on a three-minute roller coaster —  you are JUST as excited and happy to get on as you were at the beginning.  

How to Create Micro Moments of Delight as Marketers

Those are real world examples of infusing points of delight. The real question is — how can we do this as marketers? 

First, you need to look at your customer journey and see where along the way you can, and should, create micro moments of delight. 

For example, after a prospect opts-in, maybe you send them an extra free gift or resource. It can be something small, like a PDF guide to check the health of your pet’s teeth or a 5-minute guided meditation. Or, you can create a short video or GIF “personally” thanking that person for their interest in your business. 

Another example where you might want to create micro moments of delight in your customer journey is in the post-sale process. 

If your product has a long wait time for delivery, you’ll want to keep them delighted and excited about the product they’re waiting for. Say you sell luxury spas for the home — it’s a high price tag with a 12-week wait time. Once you close a sale, perhaps you send the customer a series of well-thought-out post-sale emails with insightful information, videos or other content about their spa or the brand or the lifestyle associated with it. 

Whatever it is, you want to set the tone that once they are in your world, they are valued. Once they do business with you, they are going to be taken care of.

And in the end, isn’t that what our brain craves and what we all want? 

If you’re unsure where you can create micro moments of delight in the customer journey, the Marketing RAMP® can help. 

an image of all seven pillars of marketing with the Marketing RAMP

Based within 7 pillars of marketing, it is a top-to-bottom, holistic marketing blueprint that ensures your interactions with customers are authentic, worthwhile, and yes, infused with delight. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Marketing RAMP® and experience it for yourself, you can sign up and get free access to the Marketing RAMP® online software. 

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